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the three sources of information Charles Darwin used to come up with his theory are: farmers and animal breeders, geologists, and the work of thomas malthus


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No, of course not. Evidence does not prove evolution - it validates the theory.Evidence which Darwin had included limited fossils, and observed apparent speciation in birds.

Charles Darwin published his seminal theory in 1859.The theory of evolution was discovered by Charles Darwin,the theory of evolution was when Charles Darwin discovered that humans were descendants of apes.The theory of evolution was created by Charles Darwin. The theory of evolution seeks to explain the origin of life on Earth and the origin of different species.

Darwin proposed the theory of evolution.evolutionvariationartificial selection

Charles Darwin didn't "believe" in evolution; science is not based on faith. He accepted the evidence that showed it was a valid hypothesis and later a valid theory.

The founder of the theory of evolution is Charles Darwin.

He's not known for a theory of evolution. Darwin is.

Charles Darwin published a theory of evolution.

Darwin invented the theory of evolution

Charles Darwin discovered the Theory of Evolution in 1985 when he was looking at some birds:).

Charles Darwin didn't 'discover' evolution, he theorized it, hence "The Theory Of Evolution" He used research and facts to support his theory and put his findings and evidence in his book "On the Origin of Species"

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently came up with evolution around about the same time. Darwin was the one to gain the first evidence for it, and suggested the process of natural selection as the driver of evolution.

Charles Darwin developed the Theory of Evolution in 1836. He estimated that evolution happened by natural selection in species, including humans.

There is no " theory of evolution " as evolution is a fact. The theory is; the theory of evolution by natural selection and explains much about the fact of evolution. Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace come up with the theory of evolution by natural selection, though natural selection is a phrase coined by Darwin.

You mean the evolution theory? Darwin

The theory of charles darwin is the theory of evolution it explains that species of live evolved from a primitive form by way of adaptation and natural selection

The accepted theory of evolution is the theory of evolution by natural selection that was pioneered by Charles Darwin.

Darwin didn't fully understand evolution he came up with the theory.

Scientists did not prove things then anymore than they prove things now. Evidence, masses of converging evidence support the theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin, in his day, had much evidence to support his theory. All the way from artificial selection to island biogeography. Since that time the theory has moved on to where it is no longer just Darwin's theory, but modified and supported with so much evidence that the theory became the bedrock of biology. Go here.

Charles Darwin is the founder of modern evolution theory.

The generally accepted theory of evolution by natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin

he developed the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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