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the three sources of information Charles Darwin used to come up with his theory are: farmers and animal breeders, geologists, and the work of thomas malthus

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Q: What were the sources of evidence Darwin used for his theory of evolution?
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What are the two main sources of evidence for the theory of evolution?

Natural selection and DArwin

Who was the first to propose a theory of evolution documented by evidence?

Darwin .

What is the evidence against Darwin's theory of evolution?

None exists.

Why were fossils important to Darwin's theory of evolution?

evidence of extinction

What makes Darwin's theory of evolution believable?

It is based on evidence found in the world.

Does a theory have to be supported by evidence?

NO. take Darwin's theory of evolution for example. there is no real evidence, but it is accepted as fact by most in America today.

What are current theries that conflict with Darwin's theory what evidence is used to support thses theories?

There is no theory that conflicts with the theory of evolution that has any evidence to support it.

How is Charles Darwin's theory of evolution a theory?

It is a comprehensive explanatory body of well supported by the evidence concepts that go for in explaining the fact of evolution.

What are the differences between Darwin's theory of evolution and conflicting theories?

It is no longer Darwin's theory, as Darwin has been dead about 130 years. There are no credible alternatives to the modern theory of evolution by natural selection. So, the differences is; the theory of evolution by natural selection is supported by myriad lines of converging evidence and explains the natural phenomenon that is evolution very well. The " conflicting theories " have no evidence supporting them and explain nothing.

Why was Charles Darwin's theory of evolution not accepted in terms of evidence?

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection was more than acceptable by the evidence then extant and completely acceptable, with modifications, by today's evidence standards. Any non-acceptance is purely ideological.

What are seven kinds of evidence that support Darwin's theory of evolution?

Darwin Charles Brady Drummond 7 Support Random

What are three major strengths of Darwin's theory of evolution of natural selection?

Evidence of evolution Fossil record Examples and observations

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