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javalin,discus,pankration,Chariot Racing

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who were the maya

Why did ancient Maya go to ancient cities

The transportation of ancient Maya are horses and canoes.

they used bits of string to play games

Ancient maya is probably around in 1978 to 2000.

ancient Greece, they had the first Olympic games

Nobody spoke Spanish in "ancient" Maya. The Maya did not encounter Spanish until the 1500s, and "Maya" refers to a tribe, not a place.

No, it didn't rain in Maya.

The Ancient Romans played many different sports. The Coliseum was built to have a place to gather for chariot races, gladiator competitions, and fights with wild animals. The Ancient Romans also played board games and dice games.

gladiators and cheriot race Gladiatorial Games and Chariot racing are the most famous ancient roman sports.

Social Needs in Ancient Egypt were art, games, recreation, sports and dance.

Wen they were inside they played bored games nd other kinds of games

Ancient Civilizations, by the Ancient Maya.

the landforms in ancient Maya were bumpy green grass fields

Nothing. They played the games in the nude.

Ancient Macedonian sports were the same as the rest of the Greek sports

They feature competitive sports. The sports have developed, evolved, changed and expanded.

The Ancient Olympics were banned but Pierre de Coubertin wanted people to do sports and then the Modern Olympic games were created in memory of the Ancient Olympic games so that kinda why.

The ancient Maya extracted salt from the sea water by evaporation and exported it through the lowlands. The Maya used the salt as a preservative as well as cleansing material and a mordant for dyes.

boys played sports in ancient Greece

no they where not, but they where used as currency in ancient Maya

what kind of punishment are there in ancient Olympia? how did orders go in ancient Olympia? if womans were punished is there punishment were bad? what kind of prizes are there in ancient greec olypia? what kind of titles are there in ancient Greece Olympia? did mens get punished for any sports? where was ancient Greece Olympia started? did womans get to compete through the olympic games? why did ancient Greece have those kind of sports? why were womans aloud to take part of the olympic games? what culture practise are there? why did they have those practises? what were winners crowned with? what religious facitys are there? Note by Rosary Lopapalangi..........

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