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What were the steps taken by Mussolini towards World War 2?

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March 13, 2004 12:03AM

Benito Mussolini tripped into a war that he thought would be limited. His actions prior to WWII, the invasion of Ethiopia and Albania, increasingly made him a threat in the eyes of British and French Leaders. Mussolini knew that his military was not prepared for a major war. His actions prior to entering WWII, and his intentions for WWII, were to gain cheap victories that he could drum up through his fascist propaganda machine. He entered the war in 1940 at the point where it looked as if Germany would win it all and England would either negotiate a peace or eventually be defeated by an invasion. Again he hoped to do the minimum in the war and get his piece of the pie at the negotiating table. Just like his fascist friend to the North he was very wrong.