US Civil War

What were the strengths of the South in the US Civil War?


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they had experienced officer corps

and the south was closer to the supplies they needed, plus they were fighting on their own territoriy
Some of the best officers of the US Army had resigned to join the Confederates.

The Confederate rank-and-file were the sort of men who actively relished fighting.

Stronger cavalry tradition - most young men owned at least one horse.

Most of the battles were on ground unfamiliar to the enemy

More emotive mission - to defend the homeland against the invader


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At the beginning of the US Civil War, one strength was the size of its territory the North had to conquer. The South as an example was larger than France.

The Confederate States of America, commonly referred to as the South in the US Civil War, was a large part of the geography of the US. The huge size of the South, was perhaps its most valuable natural strength. And, the ability of the South to raise armies that were a great challenge to Union armies helped the South remain in rebellion until April of 1865. It took the North nearly four years of battle to end the US Civil War.

* Manpower. * An Industrial base. * A fleet capable of establishing a blockade on the South. * lots of girls

the south couldn make bullets and keep up like the south because they depended on slavery while the north depended on machinery

The south lost the U.S Civil War.

That was called the US Civil War.

The Union of the North, and the Confederates of the South fought in the US Civil War.

The US Civil War was an un-declared war; and was a war of rebellion on the part of the south.

Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression (in the South),

Yes. The people from Arkansas participated in the US Civil War on the side of the South.

The first shot in the civil war was fired by the south at the Union Fort Sumter in South Carolina

The war in Vietnam was similar to the US Civil War because the war involved North Korea versus South Korea.

The North won the US Civil War.

The Civil War battles were fought mostly in the South.

In both the Vietnam & US Civil War the south was the loser & the north was the victor.

The South and the North sides of the US.

US Civil War-Keep South from leaving the Union Vietnam War-Conquest of the South

*The civil war *The War between the States

civil war. or the war between the states

The American Civil War or The War Between the States.

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