What were the torture techiques of Attila hun?

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He tore apart peoples limbs attaching each limb to a horse and he made the horse go in different directions. He also skinned people, or disemboweled peoples organs. Attila mainly tore peoples limbs of.
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Who was Attila the Hun?

Attila the Hun Attila the Hun (405-453), also sometimes known with the nickname as Attila the Scourge of God (Flagellum Dei) or simply Attila was the most powerful king of the Huns. He reigned over what was then Europe's largest empire, from 434 until his death. His empire stretched from Germany an ( Full Answer )

Was attila the hun peaceful?

He was savage and barbaric, but there was an article that says he was a forgiving person. An example is, when a man bribed (Attila) head guard to assassinate him, the person who was sent to assassinate him was caught. The person who hired the murderer was found by Attila and he was forgiven. That sh ( Full Answer )

What did attila the hun do?

Attila the Hun forced and conquered countries to join his army but the Huns themselves were deadly warriors. Huns brought terror and destruction . He attacked Italy and fought, burned and killed like no other barbarian tribe.

What was Attila the Hun like as a child?

well one of his childhood friends was Flavius Aetius. he later became a powerful general that fought Attila. well also he was the son of a chieftan... mundzuk. the reason he was named Attila was because he was born next the river tilla the prefix "a" meant little. so "little river". all huns when th ( Full Answer )

Where did Attila the Hun live?

The huns were a nomadic tribe, as such Attila did not call any one place "home" for very long. During his tenure as tribe leader of the hunnics, he spent most of his time in France and Germany. He invaded Italy just prior to his death.

How did Attila the Hun change the world?

Attila the Hun changed the world by almost completely finishing the western Roman Empire. This in effect caused a lot of Romans to migrate and establish new cities. Some of these cities became powerful hubs of Christianity. It is true he was responsible for helping out Christianity indirectly.

What was Attila the Huns war strategies?

According to movie. Attila was an expert horseman. Learned to ride very early.. Attila and his horseman were expert riders, as if rider and horse were one.. They hit hard and disappeared.

Why is attila the hun famous?

He Scared the living daylights out of the roman empire the Roman Empire was paying him to keep him from attacking and all Attila did with the gold was melt it down for armor for his men and horses.

What was Attila the Hun like?

Attila the Hun was born around 406 A.D. Called the Scourge of God by the Romans, Attila the Hun was King and General of the Hun empire from A.D. 433 to 453. Attila shared the throne with his brother Bleda. Attila plundered and devastated all in his path. He united his subjects, creating one of the m ( Full Answer )

Was attila the hun from Mongolia?

Although the Huns may be connected to peoples who lived in modernMongolia, by the time of Attila they had been living in and aroundEurope for centuries. So no, he personally was not from Mongolia,but his people may have been. It is disputed by scholars.

Who was in Attila the Hun family?

He had a brother named Bleda. He also had a father named Mundzuk and an uncle named Rugila. For a little extra information, it's nice to note that Rugila had a way of dealing with Romans that Attila detested. Rugila would sell the Huns as mercenaries to the Romans which Attila hated since he had a h ( Full Answer )

When did attila the hun die?

He died in 453 AD on his wedding night. It is theorized that the heaviy drinking that night was the cause of the hemroid possibly in his esophogous.

Did attila the hun ever get married?

Attila the Hun had multiple wives and several children. Attila's last wife was Hildico, a Germanic princess. Attila died on his wedding night with her, apparently choking on his own blood from a nosebleed to which the Hun king was prone, after heavy drinking. If he had not been drunk, it is speculat ( Full Answer )

Did attila the hun die of a nosebleed?

\nHe did indeed. A very unwarrior-like death, if I say so myself. He was prepared to wed with an Eastern Roman princess in order to have an advantage in his assault against them. However, on his wedding day, the temperature was rising and he bled to death. As was their custom at the time, his wa ( Full Answer )

Did Attila the Hun have any parents?

Hmmmm, I'm thinking it's a fair bet that he did, but I really am not certain..... Ok, ok, now tell me someone who didn't have parents.

What was Attila the huns weapon of choice?

Attila's weapon of choice was the Magyar Composite Bow, a devastating curved bow.Attila the Hun shot this from horseback with remarkable accuracy and power.This was his signature weapon, and his skill with it was legendary.

When did Attila the Hun rule?

Attila and Bleda succeeded the throne after Rua died with no trace, and it is believed that Attila had Bleda killed in 445. He then dies in 453. His death was also not recorded in history.

Attila the hun economic life?

\nThe frontier along the Danube became the site for trade, where the Huns obtained silk and wine through annual fairs. Slaves captured in battle helped to define this civilization by bolstering the economy, whether it be through the strong output of their menial labor or through the slave sales mark ( Full Answer )

Where did Attila the Hun from?

Today's Hungary. He ruled from the place that is today called Szeged, the southern capital of Hungary in Mid Eastern Europe :)

What are facts about attila the hun?

Well, I know that Attila drowned in his own blood. I also know that the Huns ate ther meat raw right off of dead animals.

What was Attila the huns real name?

ATTILA --- meaning the father of the huns. attil atil attel atli atill attil - AA . etzel...... Ata -- father ila -- ?don't know. The name Toorila has the same root with the name Attila. Tooril was the leader of the Kerait MONGOLS and maybe a descendent of the huns. sory my bad English.

What weapons did Attila the Hun carry?

a sword, spear, hunnic bow and arrows, and a scythian axe He would also have carried (as his soldiers did) a rope and lasso

What weapons did Attila the Hun use?

Attila the Hun used the legendary 'sword of mars'. He also used the crossbow, for which the old long bows were no match. The Huns also used the belief of rewards in the afterlife if they fought bravely, they had no fear of dying which made them a force against people who did. They also used war hors ( Full Answer )

What was attila hun famous for?

He was one of the greatest conquers in the whole world, he took over almost all of asia,and never was over thrown by his people

Why was attila the hun important?

Attila the Hun was important because he conquered Rome and attackedmost all of the Germanic tribes who controlled Europe at the time.He was universally feared and reviled.

What language did Attila the Hun speak?

I looked this up to be sure of my answer. Historians believe he spoke Latin and Greek. __ The word used for the language was "Hunnish" which is thought to have been a Turkic or Ural-Altaic language but so few words are recorded, it's difficult to say what the language really was. A number of lan ( Full Answer )

What did Attila the Hun accomplish?

He acomplished a vast empire from Mongolia to the edge of the roman empire this is why the chines hated the stupid mongorians. He burned Rome to the ground, he killed millions of people, he spread terror through out both the Easter and Wester Roman Empires, and he conquered thousands of miles of lan ( Full Answer )

What did attila thee hun do to people?

Lopped off their ears, burned them to death, smoked them at the stake, tore off limbs, beheaded them, pretty much any gruesome thing you can imagine.

Did attila the hun attack China?

Sort of. Attila never lived to see China's wall destroyed, but his son, I believe, led the Huns to invade China. The nation had promised soldiers and weapons to the Huns to placate them, but they never sent it. The Great Wall fell in the 3rd century C.E.

How did attila the hun impact society?

His ambition and military prowess challenged Rome, and he nearly succeeded in taking control of the Western Empire. His untimely death cut short even greater plans of conquest that could have proved devastating to the Roman Empire, and despite his ultimate failure, Attila remains one of the best kno ( Full Answer )

Did attila the hun ever have kids?

Attila the Hun had several wives and children. While it is true that he died on his wedding night, it was not his first wife that he was marrying that night.

How was Attila the hun empowered?

He proved himself stronger, more willing to kill and steal for what he wanted, and if anyone disagreed with him they died.

Where can you find Attila the Hun?

well he died in gaul which is known as hungry in this time so thats where i would start searching for him

Which saint faced Attila the Hun?

Pope St. Leo I - The Great. Pope from September 29, 440 to his death November 10, 461. In 452, when the King of the Huns, Attila, invaded Italy and threatened Rome, Emperor Valentinian III sent Pope Leo and two high government officials to negotiate with Attila and convince him not to attack and pl ( Full Answer )

What was Attila the Hun known for in history?

He was a Vicious leader of the Huns which had a big impact on Rome because of their army. He was known as a savage and a fierce warrior. Hope this helped.

How did Attila the Hun influence others?

He changed the world by almost completely finishing the western roman empire. This in effect caused alot of Romans to migrate and found new cities. Some of these cities became powerful hubs of Christianity. It is true he was responsible for helping out Christianity indirectly, but if he didn't die s ( Full Answer )

Was attila the hun a scourge of god?

Yes. The writers of the Christian faith called him. They believedif Attila arrive with his horde, the caused destruction equals withthe anger of God.

What year did Attila the Hun die?

Attila the Hun died in 458 AD. This was before modern times and is recorded in history for future determination purposes and also to understand the past.

How did Attila the Hun become famous?

Attila the Hun grew to fame when he began ruling the Huns and Hunnic Empire. He ruled this group of European people from 434 until 453, when he passed away.

Who exactly was Attila the Hun?

Attila the Hun was the ruler of the Huns from 434 to 453, when he died. He attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (modern France) but was defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. He invaded the northern provinces of Italy, but could not reach Rome.

Where was Attila The Hun body buried?

According to the legend, Attila was buried in three caskets, one inside the other. They were made of gold, silver and iron respectively. The Gold and silver symbolised his regal status and the iron his strength. A treasure with armaments from defeated enemies and precious stones and ornaments, were ( Full Answer )

Was Attila the Hun greedy?

Not personally greedy, no. He had several wives and concubines butthat was normal for a big clan leader like him. He did not amassany great personal wealth. Any spoils from battle victories,peoples or cities conquered were by tradition divided betweenleaders, soldiers and officers and who could take ( Full Answer )

Where did attila the hun usually go?

Attila lived in the Great Hungarian plain, the new homeland of theHuns. He invaded the eastern part of the Roman Empire twice. Thefirst time he imposed peace terms favourable to the Huns, thesecond time he failed to capture Constantinople and withdrew.Attila tried to invade Gaul, in the western part ( Full Answer )