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Ships were used in many different forms such as transports, tankers and carriers.

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Q: What were the uses of ships during World War 2?
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What were the cargo ships escorted by war ships during World War 2?

"Liberty ships" .

What made Germany attack America's ships during the war in Europe during World War 1?

The Germans believed the ships were carrying war supplies to the Allies.

Which industry hired many war workers during world war 1?


What was the no war talk during World War 2?

"Loose Lips sinks Ships".

What ships were used to transport nurses during world war 2?

Hospital ships and standard transports (Victory and Liberty ships).

Were there navy rifleman on ships during World War 2?


How many ships did Germany have during World War 1?


How were you-boats used during world war 2?

To sink ships.

How did soldiers get to Europe during world war 1?

By troop ships.

Who supplied the Liberty Ships during World War 2?

US and Canadian shipyards produced 2,710 Liberty Ships for the war effort.

What ships were sunk during world war 1 to help bring the us into war?


Did civilian passenger ships travel across the Atlantic during World War 2?

Yes there were civilian passenger ships that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean during World War 2. Unfortunately during this time there were many civilian passenger ships that never reached their destinations due to disaster striking during their sail.

What sank many ships in the Caribbean during World War 2?

D: U-Boats sank many ships in the Caribbean during ww

What were the names of the ships sunk in world war 2?

Many ships were sunk during World War II. HMS Hood (British), and the Bismark (German) are two famous sinkings.

Which was a major contribution of Georgia during world war 2?

liberty ships

Which country attacked American ships during world war 2?


How many Navy ships were built during World War 2?


Did you-Boats protect merchant ships during World War 1?

no they destroyed them

What were Q ships in World War 2?

they were disguised ships in World War 2.

What did Henry kaiser do in world war 2?

Henry Kaiser was an American industrialist and the owner of Kaiser Shipyard during World War 2. His company made Liberty ships and Victory Ships to aid in the war efforts.

How were catapults used in world war 1?

One of the common uses was to launch aircraft from ships at sea.

What kind of transportation did the soldiers use to get overseas during world war 1?


How many navy ships did the allied powers have during World War 1?


What is another name for a protective escort for ships during World War 2?


What was Germany's secret weapon against Russia during World War 1?