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What were the victories and defeats of the french in world war 2?

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Victories and defeats in World War 1?

6 wins 8 losses

Who had victory in World War 2?

All sides had victories and defeats throughout World War 2 but the Allies had the final victory in August 1945

What were the United States' military victories in world war 2?

Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/ Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/

What were the US major defeats and victories during World War 2?

During World War II and in the Pacific Theater, the United States experienced major defeats early in the war -- at Pearl Harbor and in the Philippines. A major victory at Midway (June 1942) and then another at Guadalcanal (February 1943) soon set it on the path of victory. In the European Theater, the United States experienced no major defeats, instead winning major victories from Torch (1942), to the Battle of the Atlantic (1943), to Overlord (1944), and then to the final invasion of Germany in the Spring of 1945.

What happend in 1943 in World War 2?

During 1943, Germany saw a bunch of defeats on the Eastern Front. In addition, in 1943, the Allied invasion of Italy brought victories for the Allied forces.

What were Germany's major victories and defeats in World War 2?

During World War II, Germany's major victories and defeats may be briefly summarized as follows: Following initial success against Poland in 1939, Germany went on to 'lightning' victories in North and West Europe before being defeated in the 1940 Battle of Britain. Undaunted, Germany turned briefly South (into the Balkans) before invading the Soviet Union, achieving numerous victories there until late 1942, at which point it began a long, steady slide into ultimate defeat, punctuated by brief and merely occasional tactical victories. Concurrently, its involvement in North Africa and the Atlantic (Ocean) Campaign followed the same pattern of initial victories followed by steady defeats, while the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944 rapidly led to the opening of a Second Front and numerous setbacks leading to its final surrender in May of 1945.

What were Japan's victories and defeats during World War 2?

Japan's expansion westward onto China, southward towards Australia, and in the western pacific ocean, were all victories until the end of 1942. Both her ally Germany, and Japan itself, began total reverses in 1943.

What were great Britain's victories in World War 2?

The whole war

Why did the french decide to help the colonist in the revolutionary war?

The french did help the patriots in the revolutionary war, after they started gaining more and more victories.

After the victories at saratoga New York the country of what entered the war on the side of America?

It was the FRENCH.

What contributed to early British defeats in the French and Indian war?

Colonial acceptance of the Albany Plan of Union.

Did Russia suffer one of the worst defeats of World War 1?


Why did the British suffer a series of defeats early in the French and Indian War?

because the French kept over powering their forts and the has lack of supplies

Why was Joan of Arc remembered?

She led the french to victories against the English in the hundred years' war.

Who won the brilliant victories in World War 1?

The Allied Powers

How many victories did Patton win in World War 2?


How many victories did the US have in World War 2?

Zero, because nobody wins in a war

The British forces suffered early defeats in the French and Indian war under the overall command of?

general braddock

When did the british suffer one of their worst defeats of the war?

It depends on which war you are asking about. In World War 2 it was at Dunkirk in May 1940.

What did Joan of Arc do for the French during the Hundred Years War?

She took command of the French army and led it to several important victories that turned the tide of the war to favor France.

What was the Importance of french alliance in revolutionary war?

The French helped the Americans win by using their army and navy to secure important victories for the Americans.

Who led the French Army to several victories during the Hundred Years War claiming divine guidance?

Joan of Arc led the French to several major victories during the last stage of the Hundred Years War. Though she died in 1431 she turned the fortunes of France around which eventually led to the final French Victor 22 years after her execution. Such victories include Orleans and Patay, as well as restoring Charles VII to the French Throne.

What battles were turning points or key victories in World War 1?

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How were the Russians were involved in world war 1?

The Russians were involved in World War I as an ally of the other major opponents of Germany and Austrian, namely, Great Britain and France. They engaged in major offensives in the early part of the war, suffering some victories and some defeats alike. In 1917, torn by internal revolution, they backed out of any serious war effort before finally making a separate treaty with Germany in early 1918.

What were the major US victories in Europe during World War 2?

The most major of victories included the Battle of Britain, D-Day, and Battle of the Bulge.

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