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Q: What were the voting right of women in 1901 in Australia?
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When did aborigines first vote in Australia?

Aboriginals had the right to vote right back in colonial times. When the constitutions of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia were framed in the 1850s they gave voting rights to all male British subjects over the age of 21, and this included Aboriginal men. In 1895 when the South Australia gave women the right to vote and hold a seat in Parliament, that right was granted to Aboriginal women as well. Only in Queensland and Western Australia were Aborigines not permitted to vote. Aboriginal men and women also voted for the first Commonwealth Parliament in 1901.

How many years has voting been around in Australia?

Voting first began in 1901 which coincided with Federation. That makes it as of 2011, 110 years old.

WWhen did women gain the right to vote in Australian frederal elections?

woman's sufferage towards democratic equality in Australia for voting rights was split up by states. A basic time line is below: * 1894 - South Australia allows women to vote in State Elections (first voted in 1895) * 1899 - Western Australia follows SA example (First voted in 1901) * 1902 - NSW allows women to vote & the commonwealth franchise act is passed allowing women the right to vote in the federal elections * 1903 - Women vote in their first federal election (Dec, 16th, 1903) * 1905 - QLD allows women to vote * 1908 - Victoria allows women to vote. Keep note that back then the term "womens rights" did not include aboriginal women.They were given the right to vote in 1894.

When did Australia become a federation 1859 1901 or 1951?

Federation occurred in Australia in 1901.

What was Australia like in 1901?

In 1901 Australia was not a very equal country. There were a variety of minority groups that were not valued, accepted and treated fairly. These groups included men, women, Asians and Aborigionals Australia was not equal as they disliked Babe the pig. Magda Schubanski was cheese. YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAR!

When did Australia start to vote?

the first Federal elections for the inaugural Parliament of Australia were held in Australia on 29 March and 30 March 1901 following Federation and the establishment of theCommonwealth of Australia. Australians had been voting before this though when all the states were still separate colonies.

What food was available in Australia in 1901?

#Lamb #Beef were two of the main things eaten in Australia in 1901

What countries invaded Australia in 1901?

Australiawas not invaded in 1901

When did women gain the right to vote in Australian federal elections in order?

NSW 1894 South Australia 1895 Victoria 1897 WA 1900 Northern Territory 1901 Tasmania 1903 Queensland 1904

When australia became one country?

Australia became one country in 1901. This was due to the federation act of 1901

Why is January first 1901 a special date in Australian history?

The 1st of January, 1901 was the date of Federation when the Australian Colonies became the Commonwealth of Australia, a country in its own right.

Does the UK still control Australia?

No, Australia was independent in 1901.

When was Flag of Australia created?

Flag of Australia was created in 1901.

When was Parliament of Australia created?

Parliament of Australia was created in 1901.

In January 1901 all the states of Australia joined to become the Empire of Australia true or false?

False.In January 1901, all the states of Australia joined to become the Commonwealth of Australia.

What was the status of women in 1901?

the question is vague so i will answer vaguely. They were women in 1901, and perhaps today are dead.

When did Australia become indepedent?


When did Australia federate?

Federation in Australia occurred on 1 January 1901.

When and how did Australia become a federation?

Australia became a federation in the year 1901

When did Australia start being a Democracy?

Democracy started in australia in 1901

Who was the Prime Minister of Australia in 1901?

Sir Edmund Barton was the Prime Minister of Australia in 1901. He became the first Prime Minister of Australia on 1901 January 1, serving until 1903 September 24.Sir Edmund Barton

What happened in Australia in January 1 1901?

Australia became a unified country - the Commonwealth of Australia.

Which year made Australia?

Australia was founded on January 1, 1901. The capital of Australia is Canberra.

What happened in Australia on January 1901?

1 January 1901 was the date when the six states, or colonies, of Australia federated to become the Commonwealth of Australia, united under a single Federal Givernment.

When was Australia ruled by Britain?

From 1788 to 1901.