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What were the women's jobs during World War I at home?

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The women's jobs outside the factory in World War 2 were to be housewives and take care of their children and supply food on the table for themselves and their children. Some of them could've taken up sewing as a ladies job and wasn't classed as a labor job that men were usually doing to earn some money for food.

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What was womens jobs during the prehistoric times?

Their jobs is gathering.

What were the womens jobs to do during the Holocaust?

There were female camp guards, but Nazis has a policy of women being in the home, so there were not many women's jobs.

What were the womens jobs during the Civil War?


What were traditional womens roles and jobs after world war 2?

Jobs in heavy industry

Did woman work in World War 2?

yes that had to do mens jobs aswell as womens jobs

Womens jobs 1880-1900?

During the period of time from 1880 until 1900, a women were primarily housewives. However, those who worked outside the home worked in the service industry and held clerical jobs.

What are traditional womens' roles and jobs after World War 2?

being a prostitute

What job did women do during the war?

domestic jobs (jobs at home)

How did life during wartime encourage an expansion of womens rights?

In the job market getting better skilled jobs

Did the colonist have jobs?

womens roles

What is one major reason why the gap between mens wages and womens wages narrowed during World War 2?

During World War 2, many men who were normally working factory jobs were soldiers in the war, and factory jobs were necessary for the production of the weaponry and such needed for the war. Because of this, a campaign was led for women to take up those jobs, and so they were paid the wages those jobs were normally paid.

What similarities were there between womens jobs in world war 1 and world war 2?

They did the man's jobs while they were at war. Lots of women also contributed to the war effort by taking factory jobs and producing war machines

What jobs did women have at home during World War 2?

industrial manufacturing, truck driving, construction, farming all jobs men had before going to war

What were traditional womens' roles and jobs before World War 2 in Australia?

The majority of the time in the past a womens role was basically to raise a family, when women persue jobs, the jobs usually require traits such caring and communication.Very frequent jobs are things like teaching, secretaries, factory workers, caring for children....

What was life like for women on the home front during World War 1?

They were made to do all the mens jobs :D

What was the economic mobilization on the American home front like during world war 1?

Woman began to take jobs.

What did people do during the world war?

The men fought or stayed home as their jobs r important the women worked in the factories

What were womens role in World War 2?

Women fulfilled many roles during World War II. They became the bread winners for their families, they took full time jobs working in factories and in businesses. In the Soviet Union, women fought alongside men during the war.

Womens roles in the 50s and 60s?

During the 50s and 60s women played a different role in society than they do today. Most women were stay at home moms and wives. When taking jobs outside of the home, these women worked as nurses, teachers, housekeepers, and nursemaids.

What volunteer work did women do during World War 2?

One thing they did was the 'womens land army'. This was a service where the women would take over all the mens jobs while they were away fighting at war.

What is a list of womens jobs in ancient China?


What jobs did the womens do in Vietnam?

women worked as nurses

How have womens' roles changed since the colonial period up until World War 2?

By World War 2, women were working mainstream jobs and taking on more responsibilities outside the home, since most men were off to war.

About womens jobs in World War 2?

they wanted to help to defeat the adolf hitler they had a great time by meeting new women

What was the biggest post World War 2 problem in US?

men coming home expecting to go into jobs as they had been told they would before and during the war, only to discover that there were no jobs.