What were the women's roles in the American Revolution?

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Cooking, washing clothes, washing the dishes, re-loading the rifles, and being a good wife/mother.

"A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman's work is never done" came from this era.

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What was George Washington's role in the American Revolution?

The Continental Congress appointed Washington commander-in-chief of the American revolutionary forces in 1775. The following year, he forced the British out of Boston, lost New York City, and crossed the Delaware River in New Jersey, defeating the surprised enemy units later that year. As a result o ( Full Answer )

What role did geography play in the American Revolution?

Here's the answer i have not sure if this answers the question though, but the Colonies knew the geography of their surroundings since they were living there.... Unlike the British who were sent to fight the rebels, they hardly knew the terrain, giving the rebels an advantage. ↑↑↑ I ( Full Answer )

How did the Cuban Revolution effect women's role?

Women gained more rights after the Cuban Revolution, increasedopportunities in the workplace, and the ability to participate ingovernment. The revolution began in 1953.

What was the role of religion in the American Revolution?

It was the Age of Enlightenment, and religion was beginning to lose its grip on the intellectual world. Many of the Founding Fathers were Deists or Naturalists; they believed in "Nature's God", or Creation itself, rather than a personal God. Some found wisdom in the proponents of different faiths (J ( Full Answer )

What role did women play in the American Revolution?

Women acted as nurses, cooks, and spies. Many underestimated women, so as spies, they were able to go into high-ranked British rooms, where strategies were discussed, and remember the important secrets. As nurses, they helped save many lives.

What was France's role in the American Revolution?

France indeed played a crucial role in the American revolution. France provided arms and adviser's. They sold weapons to the colonies, sent generals to train colonial troops, and watched out for pirated British ship's. Also France loaned the colonists LOTS and LOTS of money. The only Reason France e ( Full Answer )

What was the effect of the American Revolution on the role of women?

The Revolution caused women to become more involved with the war and the safety of their men. Women ran family farms and buisnesses while the men were away, and when Fighting became local, women volunteered as seamstresses, cooks, nurses, and even spies. Some women took care of their men in the war ( Full Answer )

Did the Irish play a role in the American Revolution?

From my textbook, no, the Irish had nothing to do with the American revolution. the Irish were in Ireland. the American revolution was fought between great Britain and the 13 colonies. they were fighting for the independence and freedom they wanted but weren't getting because of Britain.

What was Benedict Arnold's role in the American Revolution?

Benedict Arnold's role in the American revolution was as a general for George Washington. He eventually turned traitor and joined the British after he thought the Americans were going to lose the war. He was probably the best general because he could get the men to do things no other generals could ( Full Answer )

Women's roles in the American Revolution?

Women played many roles during the Revolution. They were supportersat home while their husbands were away. They also followed campsand made meals, and even fought in the war at times.

What role did African Americans play in the American revolution?

African Americans in New England rallied to the patriot cause and were part of the militia forces that were organized into the new Continental Army. Approximately 5 percent of the American soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775) were black. New England blacks mostly served in integrate ( Full Answer )

How did taxes play a role in the American Revolution?

ANSWER : When people consider the causes of the American Revolution , the slogan "No Taxation Without Representation" comes to mind. And so does the Boston Tea Party (1773), the Stamp Act (1765), and those "Sons of Liberty" tarring and feathering British officials in the streets.. That is, of co ( Full Answer )

What role did Connecticut play in the American Revolution?

Connecticut's role in the American Revolution was providing troops and supplies for battles fought in other colonies. Because they provided so many supplies, George Washington called them "The Provision State". (Btw, I am the one who answered the question about Kickapoo children's toys.) -Jessica ( Full Answer )

What role did children play in the American Revolution?

Children actually played vital roles throughout the time of the American Revolution. Depending on the child, they did something different. Some children traveled with the army camps, helping around. Female children helped women clean and cook, and occasionally help mend the wounded. Male children w ( Full Answer )

How did the American Revolution play a role in the French Revolution?

Well, in general terms, the American Revolution came about because the British government did not fully realize the seriousness of the unrest and dissatisfaction which soon developed in its colonies in North America. The British government in London considered the distant colonies more as a possessi ( Full Answer )

What was the role of mecantilism in the American Revolution?

The Navigation Acts were an attempt to put the theory of Mercantilism into practice in the British colonies. The object of mercantilism was to minimize imports that cost the nation money, and maximize exports that made the nation money. Colonies were a means of reducing England's dependence on forei ( Full Answer )

What was Geogia's role in the American Revolution?

The role that they played was that the went and attact thhere land got a part of being colinest adn do not take this answer iyou can but im just guessing so im not t sure but do not u can but i would say no

What was the role of Florida in the American Revolution?

during the revolutionary war Florida was a military base for theBritish. when the thirteen colonies rebel against the king Floridawas the only state that did not rebel against them. the war wasalso ended in east Florida.

What were African Americans roles during the revolution?

\nAfrican Americans did a lot during the American Revolution. While slavery existed, official segregation did not until it was established in 1919 in Philadelphia. One of the three musicians in the fife and drum unit accompanying General Washington at Yorktown was Black. White and black fought toget ( Full Answer )

Nathan Hale's role in the American Revolution?

his role is that he played the part of being a general and he was a general for a person on the Americans side hole wasn't l like Benedict Arnold leaving for the ?4

What is Patrick Henry's role in American revolution?

He is often credited with rallying the colonists by his speech we know as "give me liberty or give me death". He was a patriot who was determined to get the British out of America.

What was mollys picher role in the American revolution?

Molly Pitcher was a woman that became a famous figure during the American Revolutionary War. The Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, was fought on a scorchingly hot day in June of 1778. Mary Hays' water bucket was a most welcome sight to the soldiers who nicknamed her Molly Pitcher. She drew water from ( Full Answer )

Did Benjamin Franklin have a role in the American revolution?

Yes, most definitely. He helped raise money for the Continental Congress to help defeat the British. He also signed the Declaration. Plus he was a Representative of Pennsylvania. (I should know that I'm a Pennsylvanian myself.)

What was ben Franklins role in the American Revolutions?

hi During the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin was in France acting as a representative for the United States, obviously at the time part of England, trying to get the French Military forces to ally with us in the war. He also worked as a American minister to Sweden. 2nd Answer: Ben ( Full Answer )

What role did New Jersey have in the American revolution?

As the location of many major battles, New Jersey was very important in the Revolutionary War and the victory of thecolonists. The important role New Jersey played in The Revolutionary War got it nicknames like "Crossroads of the Revolution" and the "Military Capital of the Revolution". New Jersey's ( Full Answer )

What was Roger Shermans role in the American Revolution?

One of the most remarkable men of the Revolution, was Roger Sherman. He was born in Newton, Massachusetts, on the nineteenth of April, 1721. In 1723, the family moved to Stonington, in that State, where they lived until the death of Roger's father, in 1741. Roger was then only nineteen years of age, ( Full Answer )

What were women's role in the French Revolution?

When the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen was drawn up by the people of the third state, women were left out. Olympe De Gourges later rewrote it and replaced the word "man" with "woman". Women did participate in the rebellion against the monarchy. For example, the marched to Versailles d ( Full Answer )

What role did Wentworth play in the American Revolution?

There were a number of Wentworths involved in the American Revolution. One, named John Wentworth, was a revolutionary leader in New Hampshire. Another, also named John Wentworth, was a Tory who had been the governor of New Hampshire. Another, named John Wentworth, Jr., was a delegate from New Hampsh ( Full Answer )

What was the role of Kentucky in the American Revolution?

Kentucky and the American Revolutionary War: (1774-1785) . 1776 was a significant date in the growth of the Kentucky Militia in that George Rogers Clark, with others, represented Fincastle County before the Virginia Assembly. Due to the efforts of these men, 500 pounds of gunpowder were granted fo ( Full Answer )

What was marquis Lafayette's role in the American revolution?

Lafayette served as an aide to George Washington and comportedhimself with distinction in a number of actions against theBritish. He lobbied for French finances and French involvement inthe war. His troops held Cornwallis in check at Yorktown whileWashington's troops marched down from New York to en ( Full Answer )