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Fighting against communist aggression and the preservation of the Republic of South Vietnam.

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Who was fighting in Vietnam?

the U.S.A., South Vietnam, and North Vietnam.

Who caused great difficulty in fighting Vietnam?

the caused great difficulty in fighting in vietnam

What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

What were the reasons given for fighting between the United States and Vietnam?

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

How was the Vietnam War different from World War 2?

For one we were fighting the vietkong in Vietnam instead of the Japanese. also we were fighting in Vietnam instead of Germany and japan.

Who was America fighting in Vietnam?

The USA was fighting with South Vietnam in their fight against North Vietnam and the communists. They were in turn receiving help from China and the Soviet Union, among others.

Where was the fighting taking place of Vietnam?

Air war North Vietnam. Ground war South Vietnam.

Was Thailand fighting in the Vietnam war?

Thailand sent men to South Vietnam.

Why was America fighting in Vietnam?

To preserve the REPUBLIC of South Vietnam from communist aggression.

What did US in Vietnam in 1950 lose?

The French were fighting in Vietnam in 1950 not the US.

Who were the US fighting for and against in the Vietnam war?

It was fighting for democracy and against communism.

Where did most of the fighting take place during the Vietnam war?

The ground fighting occurred all over SOUTH Vietnam. The air war took place all over NORTH Vietnam.

How many years and months were US troops fighting in the Vietnam War?

US Servicemen had been fighting communists in South Vietnam since 1955.

Who was the us fighting for in the Vietnam war?

To preserve the south (RVN=Republic of South Vietnam).

Who was fighting with whom in the Vietnam War?

Communist NORTH verses Republic of SOUTH Vietnam.

What were the results of the US fighting in the Vietnam war?

The results of the "US fighting in the Vietnam War", was that Communist North Vietnam achieved it's goal(s) of conquering the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. And that the US did not achieve it's goal of preventing it.

What country did the Vietcong do most of their fighting?

The Republic of SOUTH Vietnam is where the VC did most of their fighting.

What were the Vietnam soldiers fighting for?

they were fighting for this most amazing girl in the planet nicole trajceski.

What did US want North Vietnam to do after the air war?

The US wanted N. Vietnam to stop fighting in S. Vietnam.

Where did they fight in the Vietnam war?

Ground fighting occurred through out the Republic of South Vietnam. Unofficially, fighting occurred in Lao's and Cambodia along the South Vietnamese borders. Air Strikes occurred in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

What were the north vietnamese and the viet cong fighting for?

They were fighting to re-unite the Republic of South Vietnam with "Communist" North Vietnam; under one communist government.

What were they fighting about in the vienam war?

The country of Vietnam had divided into communist North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam, and was fighting a civil war to determine if the country would be reunified as a communist nation, or if it would remain a divided nation. Untimately, North Vietnam prevailed.

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