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One ambition, was that of taking back the land taken in the Treaty of Versailles. This was closely related to Hitler's prophecys of "The Third Reich", which was his land of "Supreme Human beings."

Sorry if this is vague, but that's what I know.

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Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust?

Yes the two are related since Adolf Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust.

What was signifant about Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was leader of Nazi Germany during world war two and the German military.

Did Adolf Hitler have any brothers or sisters?

Adolf Hitler was the fourth of six children of Alois and Klara Hitler. They are as follows:- Gustav Hitler- Ida Hitler- Otto Hitler- Adolf Hitler- Edmund Hitler- Paula HitlerHe has two half-siblings from his father's second marriage to his second wife:- Alois Hitler, Jr.- Angela Hitler

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler - 1975?

The cast of Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler - 1975 includes: Adolf Hitler as himself Traudl Junge as herself Heinz Linge as himself Eric Porter as Narrator Albert Speer as himself

Who was the leader of Germany in World War two?

Adolf Hitler.

Where was Adolf Hitler a nationalism?

Germany world war two

Who invented two kingdom system?

Aristotle Adolf Hitler

What are two words that describe Adolf Hitler?

The two words that describe him are: Criminal and evil.

What were the two code words used by Adolf Hitler?

Special Treatment

Who was the leader in Germany during WW two?

That would be Adolf Hitler...

Who was the German dictator during World War two?

Adolf Hitler.

What did Hitler write about in his book?

Adolf Hitler's book is title Mein Kampf (translated to My Struggle). It is an autobiography that was used to explain and depict Hitler's political ideologies and plans for the future of Germany. The book is split into two volumes, and was written when Hitler was imprisoned for "political crimes" in 1923.

When did Adolf Hitler get his dog?

Adolf Hitler received his German Shepherd, Blondi, as a gift from Martin Bormann in 1941. Prior to Blondi, Hitler had owned two other German Shepherds, both named Blonda.

What was the relationship between adolf Hitler and mein kampf?

The relationship between the two is that Hitler wrote Mein kampf.

Who said It cannot be that two million should have fallen in vain?

Adolf Hitler

Who was with Adolf Hitler when he shot himself?

Eva Braun his wife of two days.

When did Adolf Hitler open the Olympic games?

Adolf Hitler opened the 1936 Olympics. It should be noted that Germany was chosen as the host of the games in 1931, two years before Hitler and the Nazis took control of Germany (1933).

Did Adolf Hitler have surviving siblings after world war 2?

Adolf Hitler had two surviving siblings: his half-brother Alos Hitler & His sister Paula Wolfe. As a side note to this question, Hitler had two nephews. One was captured at the Eastern Front & executed; the other eventually immigrated to the United States.

Why did no one take Adolf Hitler down?

First the name is spelled Adolf, not Adolph. Yes two people tried to but failed.

What were the name of the leaders of the two counties who were in the war start?

Neville Chamberlaine and Adolf Hitler

Who were the two dictators on the rise in Europe?

Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler

How do you use commandant in a sentence?

Adolf Hitler was the commandant during world war two.

What were the two awards Adolf Hitler received in the army?

Iron cross, 2d class...................

How old was Adolf Hitler at the start of World War 2?

Hitler was 50 years old when World War Two started.

Who has started a World War 2?

Hitler, adolf Hitler started world war two you can Google him! hope this information helps! =]