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They made pickled cabbage by the gallons to ship to soldiers in the war to eat because it would stay warm in the ship ride over, it wouldn't rot plus it tasted good!

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Q: What were women's roles in society before World War 2?
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Do womens roles in society have to do with politics?

Because politics have granted women their rights, the answer is yes.

What were Womens Role in World War 1?

womens roles were to heal th wounded and to kep them stron

What were traditional womens roles and jobs after world war 2?

Jobs in heavy industry

What are traditional womens' roles and jobs after World War 2?

being a prostitute

Did the colonist have jobs?

womens roles

Duties and roles of a pediatrician?

what are the roles and contribution to society for a pediatrician what are the roles and contribution to society for a pediatrician what are the roles and contribution to society for a pediatrician

What were the roles of women after World War 1?

men relised that womens were the same mybe even beter

What was the womens roles in the Jumano tribe?


What are the roles of enterpreneur in today's society?

what are the roles of enterpreneur in today's society

How did the war change womens roles in society during ww2?

With the men away fighting, the women took over many of the jobs traditionally done by men.

What were womens roles in Polytheism?

Women's roles varied in Ancient Polytheism. Many had Priestesses of Goddesses, or maidens that served a goddess, such as the Vestal Virgins in Rome.Such In Celtic Society, Women nearly held an equal status to Men.

What were womens' roles before world war 1?

Women were more often homemakers or worked small craft jobs before the World Wars. After World War II, so much changed because women had to work during the war to make up for the missing men in the workforce.

What roles does Islam play in society?

Islamic Shariah provides complete roles and guidance so as to how a society should move in the world. The Islamic way of giving Zakaat is one of the examples of how an Islamic society promotes an effective monetary system throughout the world.

Womens current roles in the military?

what was the women's role in the military

What were womens roles in the middle colonies?

Cooking, cleaning, and vaginas.

How did the womens roles in society expand in the progressive Era?

During the progressive era, women played a greater role in politics and business. Women left their traditional roles of being housewives and started buying up land, participating in industries and playing decisive roles in economy building.

What were a womens roles and responsibilities during the gold rush?

where did they look for gold

Before the second great awakening what was the expected role for women?

Play supporting roles in society (NovaNet)

What were women's roles in an emerging Canada?

well the real question is, is canada emerging an in roles womens were what! now you see here that the roles for woman were very complexed.

What are the roles of the countries in world war 2?

roles of countries did not change during the war, they were the same as before and afterwards.

What are the society roles in Vatican City?

There is no society in the Vatican.

What were the roles of women before World War 2?

before world war ii women were mostly domestic servants

What was Womens roles in the World War 1?

Women were nurses. They also worked in factories while their husbands, brothers, and fathers were gone fighting in the war.

What were traditional womens' roles and jobs before World War 2 in Australia?

The majority of the time in the past a womens role was basically to raise a family, when women persue jobs, the jobs usually require traits such caring and communication.Very frequent jobs are things like teaching, secretaries, factory workers, caring for children....

What were Womens roles in 1900?

To work around the house and take care of the children.