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What weresome names of the tools that the neanderthals used?

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they were probably hammeraxes,chizels,spears,and scrapers

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What did neanderthals use to make their tools?

neanderthals used rocks and bone to sharpen and carve there tools

What types of tools were used by the neanderthals?

electricity of tools uses electrical insulation

What kinds of tools did Neanderthals use?

Neanderthals seem to have used simple stone tools such as a "hand axe" which is a sharp rock held in one hand and also spears

Was Cro-Magnon the first to use crude tools?

No. Neanderthals came before them, and used tools also.

What can be found at the historical site known as La Quina in France?

The remains of tools of Neanderthals can be found at the historic site known as La Quina in France. The Neanderthals used different wooden and stone tools.

What types of tools and weapons did the neanderthals use?

Neanderthals used tools and weapons. They made hand axes, and spears. They also made hammers from bones, antlers, wood, and stone. They also made bone awls to drill eyelets for lacing skin and furs together.

What did neanderthals use for transportation?

Neanderthals used there feet for transportation

What branch of early humans migrated to Europe about 150000 years ago used stone tools and were some of the first to bury the dead?


What type of tools did the Neanderthals use?

The Neanderthal men used bone-arrows and bone-spears.They also used flint-stone arrows and flint-stone spears.

What is a common female Neandrathal name?

The Neanderthals could not write, so we have no way of knowing anything about their language, including what names they used. So if you are writing a story about Neanderthals, you can make up any words you like.

What did neanderthals use hammers for?

neanderthals used hamers for breaking bones of animals.

About when we're bone and flint tools?

Flint tools have been used since the stone age up to there use in flintlock rifles and are still used in some primitive societies. . Bone tools were used mostly by hunter gatherer tribes and can be traced back to neanderthals and probably before, until probably 3000 BCE.

How were the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons alike and different?

Cro-magnons and Neanderthals were similar in the following respects:They were capable of language (though some scholars debate this)They used fire and other toolsThey both used animal skins for clothing.They both had highly advanced tools and weapons.They both were good hunters.They both buried the dead.They both had religions and had similar bone structures.They both had shelters.Cro-magnons and Neanderthals were Different the following respects:Neanderthals lacked the level of innovation that Cro-Magnons had to create new technologies.Neanderthals had not discovered art, whereas, Cro-magnons had paintings, moldings, sculptures, and carvings. (though some scholars debate this and believe Neanderthals had art.Neanderthals didn't have musical instruments, whereas, Cro-magnons did.Neanderthals were short, stocky, and had big jaws and heads. Cro-magnons were homo-sapiens like us, so they were taller and had small jaws and heads.

Which branch of early humans migrated to Europe about 150000 years ago used stone tools and were some of the first to bury their dead?

Homo neadanderthalensis, or Neanderthals.

What are names of doctor tools and their uses?

Stethoscope is used to hear your heartbeat.

What are the names of the behavior tools used?

positive and negative reinforcement and punishment

What did neanderthals use for tools?

Simple spears and knives, clubs and basic hammers, bone needles for sewing. The rest was done with their hands

What tools did lumberjacks use?

This title belongs to a bygone era when hand tools, such as axes and saws, were used to fell trees. But what are there names?

What names of tools did ancient Chinese people use?

they used lots of tools called hamors and screw drivers and nails screws and lots of other tools bye-bye

What are the names of ancient tools used by the people in the stone age?

See the link below for a virtual museum of stone age tools, with photographs.

Give you 5 boring hand tools?

I am assuming that the question is:"Provide the names of 5 hand boring tools"Here are the names of 5 common hand boring tools used for woodwork.Brad awlAugerTwist drillCounter sinkReamer

What hunting techniques did the neanderthals use?

The hunting techniques did the Neanderthals used included catching fish with their hands. They also beat their prey with their hands.

What are the different tools classified as boring tools?

Here are the names of 5 common hand boring tools used for woodwork.Brad awlAugerTwist drillCounter sinkReamer

What shelter did neanderthals have?

Caves were their shelter. they used stone as materials

What are the names of tools that can make accident inside the laboratory?

Unless otherwise used carefully with any tool cause accident. Use tools with presence of mind.

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