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Q: What where 2 allusions to biblical stories that Rowlandson makes during her captivity?
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Allusions in Haroun and the sea of stories?

theres alot.

Captivity stories mean?

captivity stories mean the stories of people captured by enemies whom they generally consider "uncivilized." (history)

What are stories?

There are a distortion of the true biblical stories.

What are Islam's stories?

There are a distortion of the true biblical stories.

What does captivity stories mean?

The stories of the people that were captured by their enemies and kept them in prison.

What stories Uses allusions to the Bible and Greek mythology?

Most stories, particularly classical ones, have allusions and references to Christian stories or Greek myths, even though they are not always aware of this. Many common sayings or phrases have roots in Greek mythology that people aren't aware of. Shakespeare in particular used many allusions to various Greek myths.

What are allusions to Romeo and Juliet?

Allusions are references to the story of Romeo and Juliet which crop up in other stories, songs, movies, TV shows and so on.

How is a mystery play different from a miracle play?

Reenactment of biblical stories

During which time period were Biblical stories often portrayed?


Why make movies which interpret biblical stories?

A reason to make movies which interpret biblical stories is so that younger children can have a visual aide, therefore making it easier for them to understand the bible story.

What stories take place in Israel in the Bible?

The Biblical stories of David and Solomon take place in Israel.

What best describes the mystery play or miracle play?

Reenactment of biblical stories

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