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Q: What where the twins in big brother called?
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Are Lisa and skye from big brother twins?


Does the Olsen Twins have a brother?

yes they do have a brother and a half brother their realy brother is called Trent

Why is big brother called big brother?

From George Orwell's "1984" Big Brother is Watching you!

What is Artemis Fowls brother called?

myles and beckett. they are twins

Who is going to win celebrity big brother 2012?

Frankie cocozza will win celebrity big brother...... I think the twins will go next.

What is your father's big brother called?

Your father's big brother is your uncle.

Who are the twins from The Wanted?

Jay McGuiness has a twin brother called Tom, and Siva Kaneswaran has a twin brother too, called Kumar.

How do you say your big brother in french?

It depends... The TV show is called "Big Brother"; the "1984"-type institution is caled - agan - Big Brother. If you mean "big = elder brother" = grand frere.

What is it called when a brother and a sister are born on the same day?

Twins, or a interesting family situation

Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a big brother?

yes they have a big brother. to prove go to youtube and type in Dylan sprouse and then you will see that he has a big brother yes! they both are twins Dylan is the elder one and is born two minutes before cole

What are the names of Mileys Cyrus brothers?

Miley Cyrus has a big brother called Trace Cyrus, a big half-brother Christopher Cody and a little brother called Braison Cyrus.

Where does the name big brother come from?

The term "Big Brother" comes from a book written by George Orwell called 1984.

What is it called if your friend was born on the same day as you at the same time?

Sister from another MR ..Or Brother from another Mother;DD ( distant twins ) or earth twins.

What is Miley Cyrus' Big Brother Called?

his name is trace

Does Pat Sajak have a brother?

Pat Sajak has a brother, David, but they are not twins.

What would my wife's eldest brother call himself?

* He simply be called 'the oldest brother' or 'big brother' or just referred to him by name.

Who Is Tiffany evans little brother?

she doent have a little brother only a big brother called shad bow wow moss.

Janis joplin's band was called big brother and the?

Holding Company

What book is the government called big brother?

George Orwell's 1984

Is the ying yang twins relly brother?


Are usher and his brother twins?

No Usher is older

Did wright brothers have had brother and sister twins?


Can fraternal twins be brother and sister?


What is Avril lavigne's brother's name?

Matthew Lavigne, called Matt is Avril's big brother. They also have a little sister called Michelle.

What is big brother in bengali?

big brother