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The answer to this question is, goats. Male adults are called billy goats, female adults are called nanny's and babies are called kids. Hope this helps.

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Why you called some animals as wild animals?

a wild animal is an animal that is not domesticated

How important is forest to wild animals?

It's their natural habitat. Wild animals are called wild animals because they are not trained and they live the jungle where all their food is.

Why are wild animals called wild animals?

It's when something is non-domesticated. (Plants, animal, etc.)

What are wild animals consumed by humans called?

Wild animals consumed by humans are called human's prey. This is typically the predator and prey case often talked about.

Someone who works with wild animals?

someone who works with wild animals is called a zoologist and a vet is someone who works with a certain area of animals eg: domestic animals

What is meat from wild animals?

Meat from wild animals and birds is usually called game. For example, deer, pheasant and rabbit.

What are people called for someone who look for the animals?

Someone who looks for wild animals is called a tracker or hunter.

Kids of domestic and wild animals names?

Some of the names of domesticated animals are: Cat, dog, and cow. Some of the names of wild animlas are: Dolphin, dingo, and tiger.

Why are lions called wild animals?

Because they are not domesticated.

Can you give me some examples of wild animals and their young ones?

One example of a wild animal and their young is the kangaroo and the joey. Joey is the name for a baby kangaroo, it lives inside its mothers pouch until it is old enough. Some other examples of wild animals and their young a bear and the cubs, and a horse and their baby is a foal.

Can kids help save animals with adults?

Yes they can help with the little things but be careful if your actually helping wild animals .

Zoos are good?

zoos don't just help animals in the wild they also help kids learn about the animals in the zoo

Why did Artemis hunt animals?

She was the goddess of the Hunt; as the goddess of the Wild she both protected and hunted within the wilderness; so too did she hunt wild animals and protect the young among them.

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