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What wildlife lives at mount Fuji?

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Japanese Squirrel and Japanese Serow and Asiatic Black Bears ans some Foxes have been seen. there are Nut Cracker's and Japanese paradise Flycatcher, There are some Forest Green Tree frogs there also. there are Sweet fish there but they usually die after laying their eggs because the water temperature is fairly constant. There is some small labyrinth's there. (butterfly)

2008-12-14 04:21:05
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Q: What wildlife lives at mount Fuji?
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What lives on mount Fuji?

every one

How did mount fuji effect people lives?


What wildlife is on Mount Fuji?

the air on mount fugi is very dense, as you incline up the mountain it becomes cold and its snow!

Which is more beautiful mount mayon or mount fuji?

mount fuji

Where is mount Fuji to the UK?

Mount Fuji is in Japan

How much damage did mount Fuji do?

1000 people or more lost their lives

What is the height of mount fuji?

The height of Mount Fuji is 11,388 feet. Mount Fuji is in Japan and it is the highest mountain there.

Does mount Fuji have vents?

Yes Mount Fuji has vents.

What grows on mount fuji?

mount fuji grows popcorn

What state is Mount Fuji in?

Mount Fuji is not in America. It is in Japan.

What type of volcano is the mount fuji?

Mount Fuji is a stratovolcano

Is mount fuji a continent?

Mount Fuji is a mountain not a continent.

What is Mount Fuji made out of?

mount fuji is made of ice and volcano

What is Mount Fuji an example of?

Mount Fuji is an example of an active stratovolcano.

How is mount fuji classified?

Mount Fuji is classified as a dormant volcano.

Mount Fuji is in what part of Japan?

Mount Fuji is in the region of Honshu, Japan. Mount Fuji is just west of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is surrounded by 3 small cities which are Gotemba, Fujinomiya, and Fujiyoshida.

Which is higher mount fuji or Mount Everest?

Mount Everest:28,048 ft Mount Fuji: 12,388 ft

How much taller is mount everest than mount fuji?

Mount Everest is 8.848m high Mount Fuji is high 3.776m high That makes Mount Everest 5.072m higher than Mount Fuji.

Is mount fuji on the ring of fire?

yes mount Fuji is on the ring of fire

How old is mount fuji?

Mount Fuji is said to be About 200,000 years old.

Mount fuji location?

mount Fuji is located : Honshu Island in Japan.

Mount Fuji is in which island country?

Mount Fuji is in Japan, on the island of Honshu.

How often does Mount Fuji erupt?

Mount Fuji last erupted in 1707.

Is mount fuji a composite cinder cone or shield?

Mount Fuji is shield

What plate does Mount Fuji lie on?

mount Fuji lies on the Eurasian plate.