What wiled animals can you keep as pets?

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first of all, its spelled wild. second, there are plenty of wild animals that you can have as pets. some of them are banned in certain states, and legal in others. for example, you may not be allowed to keep a raccoon in texas, but it might be legal in idaho. almost any wild animal can be kept as a pet, but you have to have a license, and to get a license you have to be at least 21 years of age. personally, i dont encourage keeping wild animals captive. its cruel and not in their nature. it can also be dangerous to the owner. hope this helps!
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What wild animals can you keep as pets?

You shouldn't keep any wild animal as a pet. If you find abandoned babies then call your local animal rescue, but make sure it has actually been abandoned by keeping an eye on the animal for around 2 -4 hours to see if a parent comes back.

What animals can you keep as pets?

there are many different types of animals that you can keep as pets. most people stick with dogs or cats because they make wonderfull loving companions. you can also own pets such as snakes, lizards, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, or fish. if you have time and money you can even start your own farm. ev ( Full Answer )

Why do human keep pets?

because we as humans need constant attention and some humans do not get enough attention to work or other things. so the pet gives them the attention they so want. So the human a) can feel needed, as the pet depends on them for everything. b) can give affection with little risk of being hurt - ani ( Full Answer )

Why are humans different from other animals and why are humans keeping them as pets?

There are some "trivial" differences between humans and animals; for example, only humans have invented digital watches.. However, what used to be considered unique about humans; for example toolmaking or local culture, has now be found in chimpanzees and other primates - in recent years, humans do ( Full Answer )

Is keeping animals as pets a good idea?

\nYes and No, Yes because we can provide food and shelter for them, But not if they grew up in the wild and you put them into captivity. Everyone has a different point of view. If you think it's right then to you it is.

Why do you have animal as pets?

Are you asking, why people have animals as pet? Because if you are, then I would like to ask the question, why not? I am guessing maybe you are asking, why would a person want a pet? What's the benefits and stuff? If that is what you are asking then, people have pets for many reasons, mostly as comp ( Full Answer )

Can this animal be a pet?

If your question is, if cats could be a pet, then the answer is yes, of coarse. Just don't expect a warm welcome home unless you have food on you.

What unusual animals can you keep as a pet?

Well there are lots of interesting reptiles and amphibians around that you can keep as pets and will live for a while such as a tree frog, bearded dragon, snake or a turtle. You could also find an exotic bird or you can also own scorpians. Axolotles can be lots of fun aswell. Hope this helps.

Should you keep animals as pets?

It depends on what kind of animal. If you keep it for more than a week and then let it back into the wild,the animal (if it is wild) could forget how to hunt and then shortly die or get killed.If you are talking about strays, then get all of its shots and make sure that you wash your hands after you ( Full Answer )

What are animals that are pets?

town/city: dogs, cats, fish, snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. country/farm: horses, dogs, cats, pigs, fish, cow,etc. Also to find more go to your local animal shelter or animl specialist.

Why do people keep wild animals be kept as pets?

There are a lot of people in this world who think only of themselves and what they want. Many people look at baby animals, fall in love, and can only think about what they want from this adorable, precious little animal. They think that because they love the animal so much, they could not possibly d ( Full Answer )

Which animals can you keep as pets?

Rabbits, lizards, birds, dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters,a lot of kinds of bugs, frogs, and.....very rarely......monkeys.

Why to keep an animal as a pet?

Animals, such as some people are great companion's. They keep good company and help boost your energy. They are a big responsibility though. I would know because I have only gone three days of my life without a dog. they never forget the owners and have affection on them always and not like humans ( Full Answer )

What are some animals legal to keep as pets?

well the obvious are pets you find in pet stores such as. rabbits, guini pigs, gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice, fish, stick insects, parrots, budgies, canaries.. the un-obvious are. snakes~with no venom or the venom taken out of them~, lizards, tirantulas, scorpians, gekos, frogs, toads.. and obvi ( Full Answer )

What animals can you have as pets?

Most animals really. As long as you are ready to have a life time commitment. Dog, cat, hamster, rat, snake, horse, miniature pigs, rabbit, geuni-pig, gerbil, ferret. Hope this helps :)

Is it legal to keep an animal that's meant to be a wild animal as a pet if you found it hurt and treat its injury?

Unless you are a professional you should never attempt to treat an animal, you should always take it to a qualified and certified veterinary surgeon. Unless its a badger it should be okay to keep but if you can release it back into the wild, you should. Badgers are illegal to keep as they are a prot ( Full Answer )

Is illegal to keep a wild animal as your pet?

In most locations, yes. Check with your location's Department of Wildlife (may be called something else, like "Department of Fish & Game") to see if it's true in your area for the specific type of animal you're interested in. In some cases, injured or orphaned animals may be temporarily cared for ( Full Answer )

When did people start keeping animals as pets?

Ever since humans were created (which no one would know the actual date of), man has enjoyed company from something that shows love and affection without answering back or disagreeing with your thoughts - hope this helps (:

A wild animal that you'd be foolish to keep as a pet?

Many people believe it is wrong to keep wild jungle cats as pets, such as lions and tigers. Zoos keep them in captivety for protection and conservation purposes. Some people simply have them living in huge cages in their backyards.

How do you keep your pet?

You feed it, make sure it is well hydrated, make sure it has physical exercise each day, if it's in a cage of bowl make sure it fits and isn't squeezed into it. Make sure you aren't cruel to the animal in any way! Also make sure you take it to the vet to have frequent check ups, make sure it's desex ( Full Answer )

Can you keep wild crabs as pets?

While it is never a good idea to bring crabs home from the beach, all hermit crabs are wild because they cannot be bred in captivity. So in essence, the hermit crab you buy at the petstore IS a wild crab as all hermit crabs are wild harvested.

Do people keep tiger's as pets?

Big cats such as lions and tigers are awe inspiring, beautiful animals. People are often intrigued by keeping big wild cats as pets, but what kind of pets do tigers, lions, bobcats, and other big cats make? Owners need to remember that even the smaller of the non domestic cats, such as bobcats, ser ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a cricket for a pet?

Yes!!! I had one that I set free this morning. If you want one take a jar with honey, molasses or other super sweet stuff like smashed overripe fruit. Dig a hole put the top of the jar ground level and fill it up, around the sides and wait at night they will come.

Can you keep a pet mouse outside?

If it is wild, then yes, keep it outside like in your garage. Make sure in can't get out, or your in big trouble. Tanks or buckets with lids and air holes are best for wild mice. Pet mice can go in a wire cage though. The same with keeping a shrew as a pet [where to keep it]. hope this helps.

Can you keep endangered animals as pets?

There are many people that keep endangered animals as pets, some legally and others illegally. So a license will be needed to keep one legally, and you will have to provide everything that particular animal needs. It is never easy to raise wild animals, endangered or not, for a wild animal will alwa ( Full Answer )

Name a wild animal that would be foolish to keep as a pet?

Some wild animals that would be foolish to keep as a pet (and mostlikely illegal) are: . Gray wolf . Sun bear . Least weasel . saltwater crocodile . wolverine These animals all have a reputation for being particularlyferocious.

Why do you keep your pets?

because you love it and you care for it and it will listen to you when others do not

Why should you not keep animals as pets?

Because the animal may not be use to its new habitat. Even if you get it as a baby it won't recognise the place. 1. Because of the environment. 2. Because of the prey. And 3. Because of the scent( or smell ) of the place. It won't feel at home if it can't smell its prey or its own kind.

What animator created Wile E Coyote?

Wile E. Coyote (and Road Runner) were both created by the late (September 21, 1912 - February 22, 2002) Chuck Jones in 1948 .

What are some animals that are pet animals?

Well the Dog,Cat,Snake even though it may be a reptile I have on to pet,and also a Horse,Cow,Chicken,Bird and many many more :) There ar many, but just to name a few there are dogs cats hamster rabbits snakes lizard bird chinchillas fish

Is keeping wild animals as pets cruel?

This will depend upon your definition of cruel - if you provide adequate food, water, shelter and room to express normal behaviors, some will say this is not cruel. Others will disagree. A more practical point is keeping wild animals as pets isn't safe, for you or the animal. Domesticated animals ( ( Full Answer )

Why should people be allowed to keep wild animals as pets?

I don't think they should. Wild animals are called wild for a reason - and that is that they don't make good pets. They may not be possible to get housebroken, they may turn aggressive, they may get stressed out and unwell.

Are animals safe to keep as pets?

Yes! In fact, many animals are kept as pets all across the globe. A few of the most common types are dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, horses, and reptiles such as turtles and snakes. Some humans even own farms where they create homes for pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and mor ( Full Answer )

Should people keep wild animals for pets?

No. They shoudn't because it seprates an animal from its home and its family its famly is still living today. Typically, no you shouldn't have a wild animal as a pet. Check the laws for you state or area. But as a good rule, I wouldn't keep anything that could eat, kill, or severely injure me! Note ( Full Answer )