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Any animal with testicles will feel pain if kicked there. it's just as painful for them as for people, so don't do it. Their reponse to your causing them pain depends on the animal. Some will try to kill you or attack, some will run away. I wouldn't test this on bears, dogs, cats, skunks, deer, raccoons, geese or llamas. I wouldn't test this at all actually because it would be mean (and I would probably be hurt and/ or feel guilty).

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โˆ™ 2009-04-24 17:36:22
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Q: What will a male animal do if it gets hit between its hind legs?
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What are the hind legs of an animal called?

hind legs

What do you call the hind legs of an animal?

the back legs are the hind.

What are the back legs of an animal called?

the hind legs

What is the Term for an animal having extremely stragiht hind legs?

I am not sure what you mean but animal which walk on their hind legs have straight legs and they are called bipedalanimals.

What is the hind part of an animal?

Legs :)

What animal stands on its hind legs and runs?

Baiskila Lizard

When was Hind Hind Legs created?

Hind Hind Legs was created on 2006-04-18.

What animal has very long hind legs and long ears?

A Hare

What do you call a animal that walks runs on its two hind legs?

Bipedal .

Where is a horses teats?

Between the hind legs of a mare.

Where is the tiger's genitals?

They are found between the hind legs.

Where are the prostitutes in red deer?

between their hind legs. Get it? "hind" is a female red deer. hahaha@

What is the name of the legs kangaroos use to defend themselves?

Kangaroos are known to rear up on their tails and use their hind legs to kick. Their hind legs are very powerful and can cause severe damage to a human or animal.

How many hind legs does a butterfly have?

4 hind legs

Does a lamb have hind legs?

Of course a lamb has hind legs.

What animals stand on their hind legs?

An animal standing on it's hind legs may seem hard to us but its just like standing on one foot. Some animals stand on there hind legs. This probably won't help but pandas do stand on their hind feet sometimes Animals which stand on their hind legs include all members of the kangaroo family - over 65 species. Native hopping mice also stand on their hind legs.

Where are a horse's breasts located?

Between the horse's hind legs.

Where is external genitalia?

On mammal males, between their hind legs.

How strong are giraffes hind legs?

Giraffes hind legs and front legs are both very strong, however, its front legs are just a bit stronger than the hind legs as they are shorter.

What causes a mule to lose control of the hind legs?

Either a nerve got pinched from being overworked, or something else has caused paralysis of the hind legs in the animal. Better get him checked out by a vet.

Does a panda walk on its hind legs?

A panda can walk on all four legs or both hind legs.

Do beetles have jumping hind legs?

Fleas jump with their hind legs, not beetles.

I found my hamster in the heater with her hind legs caught in between the metal heaters it's been about 4 hours since and she still drags her hind legs is her legs broken can we fix them?

her legs are broken. you should take her to the vet

What is a cows flank?

It's a term for an external anatomical part of a bovine. The flank is located just between the belly and the hind legs. It is the area where the udder or scrotum can be seen if the animal pulls its hind leg back slightly.

What do you call an animal that walks on its 2 hind legs?

A biped .