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This is a pretty old saying. A stitch in time saves nine. The idea behind it is if you do the job immediately it won't take as long. Imagine a hole in your pants. They need stitched up. If you wait the hole gets bigger and will require extra stitches. If you stitch them up immediately, it'll save you time and material. Puritan work ethic at play.

Why is Daylight Saving Time not called Daylight Savings Time?

In "Daylight Saving Time," "Daylight Saving" is being used as an adjective - as in time that is saving daylight. "Daylight Savings" would be a noun itself, and makes little sense applied as an adjective in this context. Many people use the word savings, not knowing the correct way to say it. E ( Full Answer )

How does Daylight Saving Time save energy?

Having more hours of daylight is supposed to reduce the numberof hours lights are turned on each evening, but that saves noenergy. It only wastes energy because Daylight Saving Time does notbring more daylight. People have to wake up to a darker sky andfiddle with electricity if they cannot see.actu ( Full Answer )

How does Daylight Saving Time save money?

How DST Saves Money . As far as I know...The prctise of daylight saving began quite a long time ago..the clock was advanced or delayed by an hour to ensure that people who worked stayed at work did not come home when there was light that way unnecessary use of electricity at homes could be minimi ( Full Answer )

What is Daylight Saving Time?

Benjamin Franklin first thought of the idea to have the opportunityto have another hour during the day to enjoy the sunny summerafternoons by moving our clocks an hour forward in the spring andto give the farmers more sunlight to farm. It means that you moveyour clock forward one hour in the spring ( Full Answer )

Why does Arizona not have Daylight Saving Time?

When Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, Arizona tried observing daylight savings for a year and decided to not observe it after much negative reaction. They have never observed daylight savings since. Think about it: if you were in the desert, the last thing you would want is extra day ( Full Answer )

Daylight saving time?

In 2011 , Daylight Savings Tme begins March 13 - set your clock(s) forward one hour at 2:00 AM on the second Sunday in March .

What will a stitch in time save?

The saying goes "A stitch in time saves nine." It is a sewing reference and pays tribute to the Puritan work ethic. This is the situation: if a shirt or pair of pants needs mending, it is better to mend the hole quickly (resulting in fewer stitches) than waiting and the hole requiring more stitches. ( Full Answer )

Why does Hawaii not have daylight saving time?

Because its always sunny in Philidelpha Actually, it's due to Hawaii's location. First, Hawaii is so far south (i.e., close to the equator) that there's little change in the time between sunset and sunrise throughout the year, there's not much more daylight in June than there is in December. Also, ( Full Answer )

What day does daylights savings time on?

Fall back November 6, 2011. The return to Standard Time (ST) begins at 2:00 am local time in the U.S. on the first Sunday in November, which in 2011 is November 6. Turn clocks back by one hour, ideally at bedtime on the Saturday night before. Manually adjust any timepieces and timekeeping technolog ( Full Answer )

What is a cross stich?

Cross stitch is just with a needle and very skinny yarn, when you make a project you form an X with the yarn for each square, or whatever shape

Do stiches hurt?

were ever you got the cut they numb it and then they put in the stiches so they dont really hurt

How can you save your time?

I can think of two ways: -Minimize the amount of time you spend on other unnecessary work, e.g. watching TV, playing games etc. -Maximize the amount of time you spend on important things, e.g. If you would do an assignment for two hours, reduce it to one and a half hours. Then you would have extra ( Full Answer )

Daylight Saving Time -- why are they saving it and where do they keep it?

Personally, I am amazed that it has taken this long for someone to ask this question. This question is asked in two parts, so I will answer it in kind. As we are taught from childhood, all living things on earth depend on the sun to exist. The sun provides the energy that is the sustenance of the ( Full Answer )

Daylight saving time doesn't save time it saves what?

it saves sleep, we all need our rest, mhm, No it doesn't if it is used as intended. The intention being to enjoy an extended afternoon and evening period and still get up earlier. This use means you get an hours less sleep which accumulates until you reach the following week-end when prudence insi ( Full Answer )

When do you need stiches?

you need stiches when you obviously cut yourself! if your cut is very deep and keeps continueously bleeding. stiches are not so bad. I've gotten three stiches on my thumb. they put a needle in your wound to numb it and start stiching. all you would feel is a little pinch but not much. it is interest ( Full Answer )

What is running stich?

The running stitch is a hand sewing stitch where the thread ispassed up and down through the material in a straight line. Itmakes a broken dashed line.

What does daylight saving time save?

When you turn your clock forward an hour in Summer it's saving time because when it is 12 midnight, it is actually eleven, so it is SAVING TIME because you rise earlier and get to work earlier. Daylight Saving time is to the advantage of employers who try to persuade their workers that a fresh ho ( Full Answer )

Does Daylight Saving Time save time?

Daylight Saving Time was introduced before electricity was in use. It's primary implementation was to save candles by shifting people's waking hours. There is no actual affect on the amount of time that passes. It is simply a practical shift in the numbers that we assign to the hours of the day. Rea ( Full Answer )

What is a stich unpicker?

It is a small tool used to break or "unpick" a sewing stitch, sometimes referred to as a seam ripper

What does the saying a stich in time saves nine mean?

This proverb emphasizes the importance of little things, and the danger of neglecting the insignificance of the beginnings of evils. It means that if we promptly mend a small tear in our clothes when we first notice it,we shall prevent the tear from becoming a large hole, which it will take a lot of ( Full Answer )

How do you save time not waste time?

Be efficient. (Both your question and my answer are so generalized as to offer nothing you can actually use. Is there something specific that you would like to do in a more efficient manner? If so, ask about that.)

Why summer time of water save?

People and plants require more water during summer months. People also use more water for recreational purposes. There is also typically less rainfall during the summer, therefore greater conservation efforts are necessary.

How do you change to Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight savings time started at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. Move the clock hand forward one hour or read the instructions for your digital clock to see how to change the time. Remember this phrase, "Spring ahead, fall back".

How direct approach save time?

The direct approach to communication saves time by eliminating confusion. Time is wasted clearing up the disorder. Explain what is expected. It will stop people from acting against the organizational goals, your instructions. The direct approach tells everyone who is in charge, curta ( Full Answer )

How do you save in Ocarina of Time?

Press 'Start' then press 'B' and it will ask if you wish to save. Say yes, obviously and it'll save the game in the slot that you're playing in.

How do washing machines save time?

They perform the task more efficiently than manual labor. as being fully automatic one can do things like reading books while the laundry is in cycle.

Can Excel formulas save you time?

Yes. The whole idea of an electronic spreadsheet is to be able to do things automatically by having formulas to work out calculations rather than you doing them manually.

Who started Daylight Saving Time and when?

Benjamin Franklin first suggested Daylight Saving Time in 1784, but modern DST was not proposed until 1895 when an entomologist from New Zealand, George Vernon Hudson, presented a proposal for a two-hour daylight saving shift to the Wellington Philosophical Society. The conception of DST was main ( Full Answer )

What is basting stiches?

A basting stitch is a simple, easily-removed, temporary stitch that you make, to hold your fabric in place. Basically, it is used in place of pins. Basting stitches are particularly useful when sewing clothing.

Why do you have to follow daylight saving time?

If you didnt you would either be an hour late or an hour early. Banks , schools , workplaces and stores follow it,so if you are in any of those places, you going to be running on the wrong track til Spring.

What is stiching?

I am making the assumption that you have misspelled stiching. it should be stitching. Stitching applies to many of the areas of human endeavor. For example surgeons learn to stitch flesh so as to reduce scarring amd promote healing. In the world of fiber arts stitching is very famous because mankin ( Full Answer )

Do school uniforms save time and why?

Uniforms are more timesaving or more efficient because I think most of us in St. Paschal Baylon used to take 30 or more minutes to decide what you were going to wear for school, back in the day when we did not have uniforms. Uniforms are not time consuming because you already know what to wear navy ( Full Answer )

Will I get stiches after liposuction?

The incisions involved in this procedure are tiny, but the surgeon may close them with stitches or staples. These will be removed the day after surgery. However, three out of eight doctors use no sutures.

How does daylight saving time save daylight?

By advancing the clock one hour, the sun appears to set later in the evening. Of course, it also rises one hour later in the morning. The daylight "saved" in the morning is used in the evening. Supposedly, this saves energy, because people will not have to light candles, turn on electricity, or use ( Full Answer )

Does Antarctica have Daylight Saving Time?

No. People working in Antarctica in support of science generally keep the time zone of their supporting government. There is no standard time in Antarctica.

Does Sweden have daylight savings time?

I am half Swedish and I am going to Sweden this summer, so I don't really know, but because of Midsummer Day, my guess is no.

Does it hurt when you get stiches out?

It does not hurt when you get stiches out because there not touching your skin and there not pulling the stich all they do is take scissors an cut them it does not hurt it feels very good when you get them out i know i not to long ago had stiches it hurt going in but felt very good coming out.

Who are stiches cousins?

1.shrink 2.double dip 3.how come 4.squak 5.truxx 6.percy 7.gigi 8.carmine 9.pop 10.felix 11.inkstain 12.antitherm 13.furry 14.kernel 15.ruggles 16.matt 17.lidds 18.puck 19.clumsy 20.slick 21.twang

When does daylights savings time start?

Daylight Saving Time (United States) began Sunday , March 11, 2012 , 2:00am , and ends Sunday , November 4, 2012 , 2:00am .Except Arizona and Hawaii. Move your clocks ahead 1 hour in spring and back 1 hour in fall ("Spring forward, fall back") .

When is Seattle on daylight savings time?

Seattle observes daylight saving (no s) time from the second Sunday of March at 2 AM PST until the first Sunday of November at 2 AM PDT.

What countries have daylight saving time?

Daylight Saving Time, which is more commonly known as Summer Timein most of the world, is observed in the following places: North America (including Greenland, Central America and theCaribbean Sea): . most of Canada (mid-March to early November since 2007) . Cuba (mid-March to early November sin ( Full Answer )

What time zone has daylight savings?

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Alaska Standard Time * Pacific Standard Time * Mountain Standard Time Central Standard Time Easter Island Time * Cuba Standard Time * Eastern Standard Time Amazon Time Atlantic Standard Time Chile Time * Paraguay Time * Newfoundland S ( Full Answer )

How did stich die from lieo and stich?

Stitch never died. There was a point in one of the movies where he seemed to die for a minute because he wasn't "charged" but then he "woke up."

How can computer save time?

Time saving factors of computer are: . You can pay bills just by sitting at your home. . You can book tickets online. . You can carry out calculations fast. . You can get address and map location of certain place on your computer his saves your time on road.

When is daylight saving time 2014?

Africa: ____Eastern European Summer Time (EEST): ________2200 UTC Wed. 14 May 2014 to 2200 UTC Sat. 28 Jun. 2014& ________2200 UTC Mon. 28 Jul. 2014 to 2100 UTC Thu. 25 Sep. 2014 ____West Africa Summer Time (WAST): ________0100 UTC Sun. 7 Sep. 2014 to 0000 UTC Sun. 5 Apr. 2015 ____Western European S ( Full Answer )

When where and why was daylight savings time started?

when god decided to make this place for us i think he thought it over and said what the hell might as well make a sun and some plants and some crops to say hey when this people start to wonder what was their purpose here on this loving earth knowing that one of was going to say what the heck is ther ( Full Answer )

Why does daylight savings time save energy?

It reduces the amount of time in the evening when it is dark. Mostenergy used for lighting is on dark winter evenings, so that energyis "saved" as the lights are not turned on.