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There is no TLD assigned to Kosovo yet.

Top Level Domain in Internet domain naming conventions/protocol.

The acronym TLD stands for the words Top Level Domain. TLD's are at the highest level of the Domain Name System on the the internet. They are sometimes referred to mistakenly as Internet extensions.

".com" is a commercial Internet Top Level Domain (TLD). This is an open TLD, meaning that any person or entity is permitted to register.".gov" is a U.S. government TLD. This TLD is limited to U.S. governmental entities and agencies (mostly federal).

The Internet TLD (Top Level Domain) country code for Italy is .it

It's HN. The Internet TLD (Top Level Domain) is .hn

On the Internet a .com domain name, a top level domain (TLD) usually denotes a commercial website. While this analogy is not perfect , most all commercial web sites should use this TLD, but in certain cases, such as the .com TLD is not available, A TLD such as .net, or .biz can be selected for the commercial web site's domain DNS. The TLD .com can be used by a someone for other purposes, but it does help distinguish commercial websites from non commercial websites.

DE is the internet TLD for German websites.D is the international vehicle identification letter.

Kosovo has the same types of communications infrastructure as most other countries: telephones, cell phones, Internet access, television, etc.

The host name's Top Level Domain (TLD) may contain a country code, such as ".us" or ".uk". The TLD is the domain named after the final dot in the host name. Such domain names often appear as [hostname].[sub-tld].[country-code], where the sub-TLD may be ".co" or ".com", such as "" or "". The specific rules for a given TLD are governed by the organization that manages that TLD.

TLD means Top-level Domain. So...... 22 Top Level Domain??

Well, historically in the beginning days of the Internet companies used .com to designate they were commercial - later as more countries had their businesses come on-line as well, the countries decided what Top-Level Domain (TLD) they would use -- this is in accordance with ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority policies. The .us TLD today can be use by anyone who can prove US citizenship, and the TLD .com can be use by anyone doing business in the world -- so long as they host the web site in the US.

Kosovo won the kosovo war

Kosovo won the kosovo war

.co is the country Colombia's Internet TLD but is also widely used for commercial use as an alternative for .com.

Agim Ceku is the Minister of the Kosovo Security Force for Kosovo.

".ac" is the Internet ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for Ascension Island.Registration for this domain is open to anyone.For more information see: countries have their own Internet TLD. Each country controls the policies governing their own TLD.For example, ".ca" is the TLD for Canada, and CIRA (The Canadian Internet Registration Authority) restricts their registration to Canadian residents.Other Internet TLDs aren't associated with any particular country, such as ".com", ".net", ".org", and some others.There are a total of about 280 Top Level Domains.For a fairly comprehensive list of TLDs see:

Top-Level Domain

TLD = Top-Level DomainIn a URL, the part right after the protocol (usually http or https) is the host name: for example, The last part of that is the top-level domain, in this case .com.If the TLD has only two letters, it is a country code TLD, or ccTLD, such as .fr for France, .au for Australia, .in for India, or .za for South Africa.

If you are from Kosovo, you are a Kosovan.

It is an alternative top-level domain (TLD) designated for businesses, which formerly only had the .com TLD available to them. It is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable in the word "business" ("biz-nis," as phonetically spelled in a dictionary). It was used to alleviate the demand for .com domains, which dominates the number of registered websites on the Internet at this time.

Pakistan & kosovo not diplomatic realation Pakistan not eaxapted kosovo

Kosovo we won the war.

Yes! Kosovo is christian ortodox.

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