What will be zero in a fully turgid cell?


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Diffuson pressure deficit wiil be zero


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It means the cell is fully hydrated

If it's a plant cell it needs good, fully-functioning palisade cells to let water flow in and out. A plant cell needs to be turgid so that the plant have a support and structure.

If the cell environment is hypotonic, the cell could be described as turgid.

is it that the turgid cell has more red pigment than plasmolyzed cell

If a plant cell is turgid it is swollen, distended, congested or stiff

The cell membrane becomes turgid (fully stretched)and due to endosmosis of the solution.

Water moves into the cell by osmosis. If it is a plant cell, it will become fully turgid. If it is an animal cell, the cell will become larger and larger and will eventually burst.

The opposite of a turgid plant cell is called a flaccid plant cell. A walled cell is flaccid in surroundings where there is no tendency for water to enter. A turgid wall is very form, while a flaccid cell wall is more limp.

Cell loses water and later becomes plamolyzed, cell wall is still in tact as it is not affected by plasmolysis, only the cytoplasm etc does.

A turgid cell is one which absorb water to exert turgor pressure on its wall. This situation is obtained when osmotic potential in the cell is higher than its surrounding cell. It will then absorb water through endo-osmosis to become turgid.

Because it can have the same problems as water E.G. turgid and flaccid Turgid is the flooding of the cell membrane and flaccid is the drought of the cell membrane.

Animal cells 'cant' become turgid because water is constanly being used up ,or, if not, its passed out/eliminated. However, in the case of the cell actually becoming turgid, it would burst.

in pure water a cell will become turgid and water will flow in through osmosis.

Yes they filled with cell sap to help keep the cell turgid

It is made of cellulose which strengthens the cell

it keeps the structure of the plant cell rigid and allows it to stay turgid

There is a large vacuole present in the middle of the cell that is full of cell sap (a solution of solutes dissolved within water ,negative water potential,) when the plant cell takes up water the water defuses into the vacuole across the concentration gradient (high concentration to low concentration of water) and the vacuole becomes turgid thus making the cell turgid.

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