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What will cause a 1998 Ford Expedition to stall going about 65-70 mph uphill?


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2007-02-03 02:14:43
2007-02-03 02:14:43

one possibilty is that the mass air flow is getting week, therefore when your climing a hill at high speeds the mass air flow would have a hard time detecting your altitude and therefore not changing the air\feul mixture to the correct ratio.


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Because you a fat piece of load that needs to lose some weight

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Need a bit more info. What motor and year? Are there any other symptoms?

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Does your car have overdrive? Does it stall when going uphill? If you answered yes to these it is possible that your transmission kick down isn't working.The kickdown basically detects when the car becomes under load and shifts the transmission down a gear.

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it cut be afolty relay or full pump goin bad

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If you have an automatic tranny, and the fluid is low, it may not gear down on the hills and may possibly stall. Check this out first.

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