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What will cause a brake caliper to stick on a 1993 goe tracker?

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Try Changing the Brake Hose. They Rot On The Inside And Restrict The Flow Of Brake Fluid Back To The Master Cylinder. GOOD LUCK

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Why does brake caliper still lock up after replacing it?

You've either got a bad Brake hose or bad master cylinder. Both these things can cause a caliper to stick.

What would cause a front brake caliper to stick on a 89 Dodge Ram Van 250?

Brake calipers stick when they get old. You need to replace it and the other side While you're at it.

What would cause the brake calipers to keep sticking on a Honda CR-V?

check brake hoses. check brake fluid condition, if fluid is contaminated or mixed with wrong fluid, calipers can lock-up or stick. check caliper bolts, hardware, caliper brackets. replace if broken, bent, or missing.

How do you know if your brake calipers are bad?

Normally a bad brake caliper will stick when you apply the pedal and then slowly release. It will make your vehicle feel as if the brakes are applied even when they are not and then slowly they will release. Eventually they will stick and stay stuck. It is worth mentioning that squelling or scratching noises are not neccesarily a bad caliper. Those noises are usually caused by the brake pads themselves either sliding on the caliper or the scratching sound is probably the brake wear indicators letting you know you need new brake pads.

Why do rear brakes stick?

bad brake line, weak return spring, bad caliper or wheel cyl.

What cause the brakes to stick on a Geo Tracker?

Depends. If It Is Front Brakes, They May Have A Hose Collasped Over Time The Rubber Hoses Will Deterate On The Inside Not Allowing The Brake Fluid To Return To The Master Cylinder, Causing The Brakes To Stick. If You Have A Sticking Caliper Most Likely The Hose Is Bad. When Doing A Brake Job It Is Always A Good Idea To Replace The Front Hoses. Make sure the area where the pads rest on the caliper is free of any rust as they must be able to slide freely back and forth as the brakes are applied and let off.If rust builds up they will stick and drag. Also make sure the sliders move freely. I found that when i did the front brakes on my 89 tracker there was rust under the stainless clips which was binding up the pads. Clean under there. Before you reinstall the caliper over the pads try to move the pads in the clips they should move freely.

Why are my brakes sticking when applied while stopping. it brings the car to a complete stop without touching the pedal?

If the caliper or brake piston were damaged, that would cause them to stick. Another possibility is that there is too much brake fluid and the relaxed position has the pads has them biting the disc.

What would cause 92 silverado front brake to stick?

My 92 Silverado right front brake sticking why

Which is more accurate vernier caliper or a meter stick measurements?

A vernier caliper.

2003 Yukon Denali after multiple hard stops the brakes stick and the vehicle wont move.if you tap the brake pedal then the brakes release and you can move the vehicle again what would cause this?

sounds like a brake caliper piston is hanging up a little or slide bolts are sticking and need lubed

On a 2003 Pontiac Montana which caliper mount bolt has the rubber grommet the top or bottom?

Both the upper and lower caliper bolts must have the rubber boots on them. Otherwise, dirt and moisture will get in around the bolts and cause them to stick in the caliper mounts.

How do you change the brake pads on a Toyota Corolla?

First you stick-shift your car then put blocks in front of the car so it wont move. Open the hood of your car then find the master cylinder if necessary. Remove the brake fluid until half way full. Raise the hood of your car with a car jack. Remove the rear tire or wheel assembly. Use the socket wrench to remove the caliper mounting bolts. Remove the brake pads form the caliper. Also remove any shims, springs, wear indicators and support plates from the caliper. Return the support plates to the caliper bracket. Place the wear indicators from the old brake pads on the new brake pads. Place the shims on the outside of each brake pad and insert the pads into the caliper bracket. Use the recommended piston caliper tool to turn clockwise while pressing it into the caliper bore. Place the caliper over the brake pads. Insert and tighten the caliper mounting bolts. finally lower your car to the ground pump the brake pedal a few times to seat the brake pads. do this trying to move your car. Add the fluid to the master cylinder container. And last try not to do any hard stopping

Advantage and disadvantage using meter stick vernier caliper and the micrometer caliper?

A meter stick caliper is very large and would make general measurements. A micrometer caliper is much smaller and can be used to make much smaller measurements.

How do you remove the rear caliber in 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora when the rear brake is locked up?

removing caliper 1996 olds aurora lockedNote that many times the "locking" can be caused by a sticking e-brake cable rather than a locked caliper. Check to verify that there is some slack in the cable at the caliper when the parking brake is released. If not, the cable may be seized in its jacket somewhere, and will have to be freed or replaced. If the caliper is locked, you will need to disconnect the brake line to remove the line pressure. Then disconnect the e-brake cable, then the caliper. If it is still stuck, you will need to retract the piston inside the caliper - sometimes they stick and you have to lube the caliper and hit the caliper with a hammer lightly or it can crack. Another way is to CAREFULLY heat the caliper with a torch until the caliper expands and releases. If any question please e-mail me Ben. good luck!Don't try to re-use a caliper that has locked. While you may be able to free it temporarily, they almost always end up sticking again. The cost of a loaded new or remanufactured caliper assembly is cheap insurance against it sticking any time in the near future.

What might cause the brake lights to stick on a Ford Explorer?

check the brake light switch it might be sticking. located under the dash connected to the brake pedal

Why does your caliper stick?

Because it's sticky.

Front brakes dragging on Ford E350?

You need to replace your brake caliper on the side that drags. The caliper has several parts (piston & slider) that corrode and get "stuck". The only way to fix the problem is to replace the caliper. If you try cleaning the parts, it will most likely stick again within a few months.

What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

What is the problem if the brakes lock up?

This problem occurs mostly with disc brakes. Over time moisture can condensate inside the calipers causing rust and the calipers to stick. This can cause excessive brake wear. Ford SUVs are especially prone to caliper problems and the Explorer line often wore out the brake pads within 10k miles..

Why is the Caliber piston sticking on a 1988 Honda Accord after you changed the brake pads?

Sorry you got no answer, but if you update your question and spell Caliper correctly, you might ge t more hits. In general, one thing that might cause the caliper to stick after a pad change is the piston getting gouges or even having a very small stone dislodge and fall in behind a boot.

What are the advantages of a vernier caliper over a meter stick in the measurement of length?

A Vernier caliper has an accuracy of 0.1mm, The meter stick(ruler) however, has an accuracy of only 1mm.

What causes brake calipers to stick on a 1989 Nissan Maxima?

Calipers fail. The most common reason for this is uneven wearing of pads that cause the caliper cylinder to cant and pinch. Once it has failed, it must be replaced. If not, it may eventually lock up and create an unsafe situation.

What can make front brakes stick on a 87 k5 blazer?

The brake caliper is usually the culprit. Either rebuild it or replace it. Its less hassle to replace it than to rebuild, unless you have the expertise.

What would cause the parking brake to stick on for a 95 Chrysler lebaron?

it seizes thru lack of use... overhall it..

What is the function of a meter stick?

The function of a meter stick is to measure things in metersadvantage of vernier caliper over meter stick