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a broken valve spring could be the cause, or a lifter. Start by checking the compression for the number 8 cylinder, then remove the valve cover to inspect the rockers and lifters.

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Q: What will cause a knocking noise from cylinder 8 on a 96 Chevy ck3500 7.4l 454 v8 gasoline in cold start and normal temp they tell you is a broken valve spring or lifter?
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What is the towing capacity of a 1989 Chevy ck3500 454 dually?

4 and a half ton

What is the maximum payload of a 1986 Chevy ck3500?

it should be 1 ton including the weight of you and a passenger but you can usually haul a little bit more but to be safe 1 ton! 2000 lbs

How do you stop detonation?

Detonation, also referred to as knocking in gasoline engines happens when the gasoline vapor in the cylinder ignites prematurely before the piston is in an optimum position in the cylinder, usually, slightly before the piston has reached it maximum extension in the cylinder (referred to as BTDC - before top dead center). The solution is to try using a higher octane of gasoline as the higher octane slows the burning of the gasoline. If you are already using a 93 or 94 octane gasoline, take your vehicle to your friendly mechanic. As there may be other issues involved such as the incorrect timing of the engine.

What is that knocking noise coming from the engine?

If its gasoline it would be a problem in your head causing the piston to slap against the cylinder walls. If its a diesel engine then the knocking is caused by the .001 to .002 second delay between the fuel injector closing and the compression/combustion of the fuel

What element is used in gasoline to prevent knocking?

Lead used to be used in gasoline until it was banned in the 1980s because it damaged millions of peoples brains. the method of preventing knocking was made by Thomas Midgley.

What is knocking and anti knocking agents?

Knocking in gas engines is when the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder self-ignites due to compression instead of waiting on the spark plug spark to ignite it. Anti-knocking agents are substances that let's the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder be compressed more w/o self-igniting.

What is a four cylinder petrol engine?

it is English for a 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Gasoline in American is Petrol in English, simple as that.

What engine does a dawoo matiz have?

First generation (1998-2005), 796 cc 3 cylinder gasoline 50 hp, 995 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 62 hp, Second generation (2005-2009), 796 cc 3 cylinder gasoline 51 hp, 995 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 65 hp, Third generation (2010-present), 995 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 67 hp, 1,206 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 80 hp, 1,199 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 79.4 hp, 1,249 cc 4 cylinder gasoline 84 hp, 1,199 cc 4 cylinder LPG 78.95 hp, 936 cc 4 cylinder diesel 61.6 hp,

Why is there a knocking noise in your Mazda tribute 03?

It is broken.

My bajaj 180 is not running smooth.. some sort of vibration and knocking sound from engine when i change from 2 - 3 - 4.. can any body help me there's no pick up absoluletly.?

If a Baja 180 is not running smooth and there is little power, it might be a dead cylinder. It is possible that a piston is broken which would cause the knocking sound and vibration.

Will mid grade gasoline harm an infiniti m45?

Unless you can feel it running rough and knocking - no.

Were is the knocking sensor?

It is located under intake manifold between the cylinder heads.

What was the purpose of adding lead to gasoline?

Lead was added to gasoline to inexpensively increase octane ratings and to also help reduce engine knocking.Increasing octane and reduce engine knocking are exactly the same thing, as the test method to measure octane of a fuel is to see when a standard engine begins knocking. The higher compression ratio the standard test engine can be operated at without knocking, the higher the octane of the fuel being tested.

Why is my 2003 cavalier engine knocking?

Engine knocking can be caused by numerous things. Having the incorrect spark plugs, carbon deposits on the cylinder walls, and being low on engine oil may all cause a knocking sound.

Why is my CBR 125 making a ticking or knocking noise?

probably broken bearings

What is car engine knocking?

When the fuel in an engine cylinder ignites prematurely or unevenly to cause power fluctuations and a "knocking" sound. usually occurs when an engine is very how or improperly timed.

What is another meaning for knocking?

In many card and token games a player is required to knock the table when he's down to one token/card The player so doing is said to be 'knocking' A gasoline motor is said to be 'knocking' when the air/gas mix is too lean Knocking can also be criticising, using a knocker of a door, declaring an auction over Knocking off: finishing work for a break, or the day: making a hasty job of: robbing Knocking up: waking: making pregnant: making hasty job of Knocking over: robbing Knocking down: to assault and to beat to the ground

What causes a knocking sound but doesn't reduce power?

Sounds like a piston hitting the cylinder head. A lifter will usually tick, but a piston will sound more like this knocking noise.

What is a knock sensor and what does it do?

it is usually located in the intake manifold or sometines the end of cylinder head. it is a microfone that listens for knocking in a cylinder and sends a signal to the timing controller

Why is your 99 jeep grand Cherokee engine knocking It stops knocking when I disconnect 6 injector connector.?

"knocking" is very broad so just a wild guess here. I think the reason the knocking stops when you disconnect the number 6 injector is; you are creating a "floating piston". In other words, this piston and cylinder are no longer producing power, they are no longer under a load, and they are no longer compressing the fuel that you have prevented from being injected into the cylinder. So, if you have something wrong with that cylinder, such as a bad piston, piston pin, connecting rod, rod bearing, etc., you have relieved the pressure which will quiet the knock. Again, just a wild guess!

Rear knocking when fan is on?

The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls. The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls.

How many gasoline car were used nowadays?

As of 2011, there were 253,108,389 registered vehicle in the U.S. Although not broken down by gasoline and electric, most are gasoline powered.

What damage is done if I accidentally put 87 octane instead of 91 octane into my 03 Aviator?

There most likely will not be any long-term damage. On this tank of gas, you may experience "knocking" or "pinging" in the engine, meaning that the gasoline may ignite prematurely in the cylinder. If the knocking is severe and/or continues for a long time, it could cause engine damage. On the other hand, if the engine runs just fine on the lower-octane fuel, then there's no problem at all.

Where is the carbuerator on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?

The 1997 Nissan Sentra, like almost all passenger vehicles made since the late 1980s, does not use a carburetor. It uses fuel injection. Instead of mixing air and gasoline in the carburetor, then forcing that into the cylinder, the air is forced into the cylinder by itself, then gasoline is squirted into the cylinder by the fuel injector. There is one injector for each cylinder, and they are fed gasoline through a "fuel rail", which is a tube where gasoline is pumped from the gas tank to the engine, across all of the injectors, and back to the gas tank.

Who built the one-cylinder gasoline engine in 1895?

J. Frank Duryea