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1. Lack of oil causing the rings to be overworked. 2. Old (worn) and weak rings. 3. Crack or opening in the head - but that doesn't necessarily mean water in the oil or oil in the water. 4. Cracked cylinder 5. Burned, warped or cracked valve(s). 6. Burned or cracked piston. 7. Cylinder worn or out of round. 8. Blown or leaky head gasket. 9. Sticky valve(s). 10. Broken or worn valve spring(s). 11. Bent/worn pushrod(s) 12. Worn camshaft, or a broken lobe on the cam. 13. Worn or bent rocker arm(s). 14. Collapsed lifter(s).

it could mean several things from damaged rings and cylinder walls to tiny cracks in the piston heads or even a sticking or weak overhead valve if they have them

Low compression either from valves or rings. You can do the test wet and dry. Check the lbs. dry and then give a little shot of oil in the plug hole and check the lbs. If the pressure goes up wet, then the rings are losing the pressure. If the pressure is the same wet or dry, then it's a good chance that it needs a valve job.

this may be caused by burnt valves,worn piston rings,blown head gasket.

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Q: What will cause cylinder compression to be low?
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What can cause low compression on one cylinder only?

Most of the times when you have low compression on one cylinder it's an indication that the head gasket is blown. If more than one cylinder has low compression and is hard to start the you most deffinatly have a blown head gasket

Can low compression cause an check engine light to come on?

If it is causing the cylinder to misfire, yes.

How can you repair low compression in cylinder?

how to fix a cylinder #1 has low compression diagnose on 2.9 chvy colorado 2007

Fix low compression in outboard motor cylinder?

You have to take out the cylinder, how low is it, what is the difference

Why would piston rings cause low compression?

the rings kind of seal in the sides of the piston with the cylinder wall. When a compression test is done the air is escaping between the piston and the cylinder where the good ring would normally seal. If you are getting low compression it is more likely the valves

What are the symptoms of low cylinder compression?

Loss of Power

How can i repair a 1996 350 number 4 cylinder misfiring compression in cylinder is 118lbs the rest are about 160lbs?

sounds like your engine needs a valve job worn piston rings would also cause low compression ,but not cause the backfireing

Low compression in number one cylinder in a 1.8 dual overhead cam interference engine?

Low compression in one cylinder can mean several things. The valves or piston rings may need to be replaced. There may be a crack on the engine, or the head gasket may have blown. The engine should be diagnosed properly to see what exactly is the cause of the low compression.

What should the cylinder compression compression test be on a 94 3000gt be?

It should be a high of 185 and a low of 140

What would cause low compression in 2 cylinder and erratic idle in 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?

maybe you need a new head gasket?

What should you do when a compression test reveals that compression is below average and the reason for a motor not working?

Low compression will not cause an engine to not run. It may not run efficiently but it will run. Low compression on all cylinders is caused by wear, and can only be fixed by overhauling the engine. Low compression on just one cylinder can be a blown head gasket, burnt valve, or a broken ring on that cylinder. I also depends on what you mean by "below average". An engine with lots of miles may very well have a compression reading that is below the factory specifications and not be cause for alarm. It depends on how much below specs that compression is. In any case, the only fix is to open the engine up.

Would bad gas cause low compression in your vehicle's cylinder?

worn piston rings most common problem, but sticking valves, leaking head gaskets can also cause this concern.

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