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What will cause the license plate lights to quit working on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?


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2004-12-01 11:41:22
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the bulbs could be out. if it has a trailer hitch on it and it was installed after market (not by the dealed), a lot of the time the marker lights to the trailer are spliced in to the licese plate lights and the type of conector that are used are prone to corosion. if that is the case just splice it together after the corroded wirer is remove and seal it electrical heat shrink.


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The horn is located behind the grill just beside the left and right head lights..

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If the aftermarket lights are not a factory option then the lights will need to be drilled into the bumper. Afterwards the lights will also need to be properly spliced into the existed wire harness.

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The license plate lights are not in a separate fuce by it seft. They are the same as your side marker lights. So, check if your side marker lights are working and if they are them is a bad license plate light bulb.

The dash lights on a 93 Toyota 4Runner are replaced by removing the dash trim and panels. When the dash internals are exposed, the individual bulbs can then be replaced.

If headlamps are not working but the parking lights are working can it be the fuse that is faulty

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All you do is take out the screwon top and the lense assembley pulls out. It is tough to pull out but it will come.

if all other lights are working, i would start with the reverse light switch.this is usually located on the side of the transmission

Usually it does not. Unless your remote control unit is on the same fuse along with the dome lights.

Mainly two reasons - the bulb is not working - the fuse is not working

Open the trunk and look for the wires that connect to the license plate lights. You should see a plastic piece that hooks into a socket. Simply grab the plastic piece and turn and the lights should come right out. The lights may be behind a paneling.

You need to replace the dimmer switch in your gauge cluster. This was caused by a bad ground happens all the time.

I have the same problem with my 1999. The tail lights as well as the interior instrument panel and the license plate lights are all not working.

Check to see if parking/tail lights are working - same fuse

Check the bulbs, the fuse and the brake light switch.

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