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What will cause the water to not flow freely and the car overheat?


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2004-12-02 06:18:31
2004-12-02 06:18:31

A bad thermostat, or in rare cases, a bad water pump.


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it shouldn't matter if the hose is soft. as long as the hose allows coolant to flow freely, your fine. but, if your car is overheating, u might want to change the thermostat.

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It can prevent coolant flow, which can cause a catastrophic overheat.

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The salt will dissolve and spread apart and the ions in the salt will move freely letting electricity to flow freely.

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If theres no particles or garbage in the water it would flow freely, but it really depends on whats in the water

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Water is classified as a liquid. A liquid has a low density which means that the molecules inside the liquid are not packed together, but rather able to move around pretty freely. This gives water its' ability to flow and move freely.

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