What will happen if a 16-year-old female got pregnant by a 20-year-old male?

This is a frequently described situation. Again, there are a LOT of variables-- The maturity level of both; the present relationship between the two; the girls relationship with her parents or guardian; the 20 year old guy's relationship with the girls parents; whether the conception was coerced or consensual; the specific laws of your state; and other issues. TECHNICALLY, because the girl is under the age of CONSENT, it would be considered STATUATORY RAPE in the eyes of the law. IF anyone involved is NOT pressing charges, and the state and law enforcement is not contacted/involved, then the male won't neccessarily be prosecuted. HOWEVER, whatever the situation is, the male has a legal responsibility to financially support the child until the child is 18 years old. If the father refuses to pay support, the mother of the child can then petition the courts for support and proceed with prosecution of the father. If the girl is in fact pregnant, it's VERY IMPORTANT for her to get pre-natal care. She could visit the local PLANNED PARENTHOOD (NO,it's not an abortion mill) and receive check-ups, pre-natal vitamins, and get counselling in a confidential manner. I believe they charge based on your income level. I hope everythhing works out well for all involved. Also, I hope this answers your question! (P.S. If you continue sexual contact, I HOPE you both use BIRTH CONTROL----AVAILABLE AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD). Lock him up!