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Nothing special, except he probably won't be invited back.

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Q: What will happen if a guy pees into a girl?
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If a guy has his tubes cut can a girl get pregnant?

If he pees

What if someone pees on your butt?

If someone pees on your but nothing would happen. Your butt gets soaked only.

What happens if a frog pees on your face?

nothing will happen.. Because it is not true that you'll have warts when a frog pees on you.

How do you find the gender of a dog?

Look under it, if it's lower stomach is flat, girl, if it's lower stomach has balls, it is a guy. Also, if it lifts it's leg when it pees it is a guy, if it crouches down in a hover like way, then it is a girl. Hope this helps. :)

Is there a disease if a girl pees in your mouth?


What does it mean if a guy pees out blood?

Aids or kidney disease. Sorry.

How can a guy love a girl?

When a guy falls in love he won't have to be told how to fall for the girl it will happen all by itself.

If a girl pees after intercourse does it kill the sperms?


What is a part called where a girl pees from?


What will happen If a guy touches a girl collarbone?

depennds on the girl prolly will get them horny

What will happen if a bird pees on you?

Birds do not have the ability to urinate.

Can a gay guy be in love with a girl?

Yes, this can happen.

Is it normal12 year old girl pees to bed?


Why would a girl bleed when she pees?

urine infection

What does it mean if a boy pees on a girl?

That means he want the girl to give him a

What will happen to the girl if a guy licks and sucks her pussy and what will happen to the guy and how do they feel and the reaction?

They will both be sexually stimulated and most girls and guys love it

Can you get pregnant if someone pees on you and it runs down your vagina?

LOL nice guy

What happen when a guy rip off a girl bra and panties?

They get slapped.

What happens when a guy pees in a girl?

So long as he has no diseases it wont do any particular harm. and it will just drop out again however urine has many irritants in it that may well cause some pain discomfort at times.

What happens if a girl pees blood?

It could be a broken blood vessel in the bladder or an infection.

Can a girl pee like boy... how?

No, unless the boy sits when he pees.

When a girl is ejaculated in then pees does it help to get her pregnant?

If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then SHE pees after that, it makes no difference. If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then YOU pee in her, it would probably decrease the chance of her getting pregnant.

What will happen if a boy pees in your mouth?

Well you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. But when a male pees in your salivary glands it produces an infant fetal sprout in the mouth.

what would happen if a guy took a girl multivitamin?

The same as if he took a multivitamin for males.

If a guy uses the pull out method pees takes a shower and then uses it again what are the chances of the girl being pregnant if no condoms were used?

The chances are high. You are gambling. the pull out method relies on a guy to pull out right before he squirts. and most of the time if guy "pull out it time" he has all readdy shot in side of you a few time and then did it again