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The resident would need to wait until becoming a US citizen until filing for residency for the illegal alien spouse.

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Q: What will happen if an alien with a waver visa marries a permanent resident in USA and then stays as an illegal?
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If you marry an illegal citizen and you are an American citizen do you have to live together if you have an alternative lifestyle?

First, there's no such thing as an illegal citizen. Second, there's no such thing as an alternative lifestyle. But if you are asking if a marriage between a gay person and an illegal immigrant of the opposite sex would be valid if it is not consummated, that depends upon the laws of the state where the marriage took place. If the marriage was made with the intent for the illegal alien to gain citizenship or permanent resident status, that won't happen. Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT automatically confer citizenship or permanent resident status.

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What will happen if an illegal immigrant marry a us citizen and divorce before filing for a permanent residence?

The US citizen may cancel the I-130 petition, and the illegal will not be given permanent residency. If the immigrant entered illegally into the country, then it doesnt matter because marriage to a US citizen CANNOT help make the immigrant legal.

Can a US citizen retiree get permanent resident status in Canada?

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If an illegal alien marries a US citizen does he automatically become a US citizen?

No................. The only way they can become a US citizen would be to go back to their home country and then apply for a fiance visa, and then you have to go through all kinds of forms to make it happen. It is pretty well cut and dried here, once an illegal, always an illegal, unless you go through the proper channels. Go to

Can a permanent resident alien vote?

Legally NO. You must be a CITIZEN of the United States to Vote.This doesn't mean that it does not happen.I believe the question and the answer given are somewhat miss-leading. The question was 'Can a permanent resident vote?' And the correct answer is that it depends... As you may know, a permanent resident is not a citizen, which means that he/she does not have all the federal rights, since citizenship is a federal issue. However, the law allows permanent residents to participate in local elections. So, you may not vote for presidents, senators, congress people, or any of those things.VotingOne of the most important privileges of democracy in the United States of America is the right to participate in choosing elected officials through voting. As a Permanent Resident you can only vote in local and state elections that do not require you to be a US citizen. It is very important that you do not vote in national, state or local elections that require a voter to be a US citizen when you are not a US citizen. There are criminal penalties for voting when you are not a US citizen and it is a requirement for voting. You can be removed (deported) from the US if you vote in elections limited to US citizens.

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