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The only reason you could lose space is corruption in the Master File Table, and the only fix is to reformat your disk you can't delete space from your hard drive unless you replace it with a smaller one.

If you are asking about what happens if you choose to "wipe" or "delete" the free space, that just means that the free space is overwritten. You would overwrite unallocated space for privacy and confidentiality reasons. Since that is free space, no harm would occur if it were overwritten. Now, if you have an SSD drive, then you'd do better to Trim the drive, since that would reformat any previously used but unallocated blocks without adding unnecessary wear to the drive.

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Q: What will happen if free space is deleted off your computer?
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How can one recover deleted computer files to the hard disk drive?

If one deletes a file from a computer and it is no longer in the recycle bin, the data still remains on the hard drive. One an use a file recovery system to attempt to recover the deleted file. When a file is deleted the sector on the hard drive is considered "free space" and as long as other material has not been saved to that free space it is likely the deleted file can be recovered.

How does file recovery software work?

File recovery software is able to work because when files are deleted, they aren't actually deleted from the hard drive. The deleted files are put into free space on the computer, so as long as there have not been files saved over them they are retrievable by file recovery software that can access this free space.

A technician needs to free some hard disk space in a computer Which management tool can help find files that can be safely deleted?


Would there be more free space if you deleted contiguous files?


What do you mean by free space management in operating system?

It is used to reuse the space from deleted files for new files, if it is possible. System contains a free space list that holds the list of free spaces in disk...

Where do documents pictures and files go when you delete them off you computer?

They stay on the computer, but the space they used is marked as being free to be used by other files. So as you create new files and save other files, they will start to use the space where the deleted files are, and eventually they will be completely overwritten. Because they are still there, this is why it is still possible to get some deleted files back if you try to do so soon after they are deleted. The more time you leave the more likely it is that the space they are in will be used by other files, making it impossible to get them back.

How do you check free space on a computer?

For most computer styles you can figure this out by looking in "My Computer"

Will you have more computer space if you permanently delete files?

Yes, if your computer is working properly, you will have more free space.

Why cant you do a defragmenter on your computer?

You may not be a computer administrator, however sometimes you can still do one. Your computer may not need a defragment. Your computer does not have enough free space. Computers need about 15% of space to be free before you can defragment.

What does a disk compact do?

if you're talking about for your computer, it clears up space for you. It combines like items so you have more free space to save items and more free space to have your computer run faster.

How to view free space in a C drive?

My Computer > Highlight (C:) > Right Click > Properties > Now you can see the free space and the used space

Where do pictures erased from an SD card go?

Nowhere, when a picture is deleted all the computer does is mark the space that the picture used as "free". This means it can be overwritten. Provided it has NOT be overwritten, there are tools/way of recovering the picture if you know what you are doing.

What is free space laser communication?

Free space laser communication refers to the optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. Free space refers to the vacuum, outer space or air.

What is the purpose of idefrag for your computer?

Defragmenting a computer is cleaning up space that is not being used on the computer. The purpose is to free up hard drive space so the computer runs faster.

How do you get deleted history back on the computer?

You could try using Recuva, free software for file recovery. If deleted files had been overwritten by OS, chances to restore files are negligible.

Why doesn't space free up after you clean up disk on computer?

If by "Cleaning up" you mean "deleting data" then space Will free up.Defragging or "Checking Disk" will not create free space.

How does having free hard drive space improve your computer performance?

Verify that there is at least 1GB of free hard drive space. This available space allows the computer to have room for the swap file to increase in size as well as room for temporary files.

How can you recover deleted files from your Sony Camcorder Don't know specific model I have used it quite a lot since the files were deleted I didn't know they were deleted Please help Thanks?

No chance !... Once a file is deleted, the memory previously used by that file is marked as 'free' space. As you say, you've '...used it since the files were deleted...' - I can almost guarantee the deleted files will not be recoverable !

Is Free Realms bad?

yes it is very bad i had it and i deleted my account because it almost destroyed my computer so don't go on it

How could you delete cookies from a computer?

cookies and other unwanted files can be deleted from a system by using ccleaner you can get this software for totally free

Why did your 360GB harddrive turn into a 64MB harddrive after formatting it?

Because you did not format it properly, or you have deleted partitions, and all free space is in unallocated sector.

How you can recover deleted JPEG files?

Yes, you can recover. Download a JPG recovery software on your PC or Mac computer. Then connect the device where your deleted or damaged JPEG photos previously located to perform a free scan.

How do you check how much hard drive space your computer has?

Click Start then Computer. It will display a window with all the available drives on the computer. This shows the amount of free & total space on each connected drive.

How do you clean out computer?

Cleaning out a computer can be usefull to free up space, you can do it by deleting old files you no longer use, delete temporary internet files, and delete some past system restores which will free up alot of space.

How do you get free space on your computer?

Go into my computer, click add and remove programs towards the top, and uninstall programs you no longer need. If you can't free up enough space by doing this consider adding a second hard drive.