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I am assuming that by your question, the intended named beneficiary was written on the application with the wrong middle name. Usually when filling out the application, the beneficiary is designated by Name as well as "relationship to insured" and SS #. Sometimes it even includes a D.O.B. and may also include an address. You can find the named beneficiary info as provided to the insurance co. by looking in the back of the policy at the copy of the original application. Here is why all that info is important. Suppose John Smith marries Jane C. Walter who becomes Jane C. Smith. Years later she dies or they become divorced and later John Smith re-marries and her name is also Jane but her middle initial is different! You can see where the Insurance company may have issues releasing the death benefit. By law, they have to pay Jane C. because she is still the named beneficiary unless John remembered to change it to his new wife!

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Q: What will happen if the beneficiary listed on a life insurance policy has the wrong middle name?
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