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It depends on the individual cat.

If it is extremely young, the male cat may see a kitten as food. However, different cats have different personalities. Make sure that you stay with the kitten until the male cat is no longer hissing.

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Cats can be very territorial so it is possible. But that all depends on the cat's personality

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Q: What will happen if you bring a kitten around your adult male cat?
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Is it okay to get a kitten if you already have a cat?

Yes, but you have to be VERY CAREFUL about introducing them. When you bring the kitten home, keep it in an enclosed area like an unused room that the other cat doesn't use. Keep it there for 3-5 days, then lock it up in a travil carrier or cage. Open the door, (The other cat will want to go into the room), and then STAY IN THE ROOM. See how they react to each other. It is okay if they growl and/or hiss. If the adult cat tries to attack the youngster, don't get involved, you might get scratched. Simply make a loud noise behind it. After the adult looses intrest, let the kitten out and shut the door to its room. After repeating this several times and when they're pretty much used to eachoter, start feeding the adult next to the kitten's crate when you feed the kitten. When there is no hostility, let the kitten out and WATCH THEM. If the adult attacks, make a loud noise. If it doesn't work, protect yourself before interfearing. Keep them apart when you're not around.

Why did the feral cat bring her dead kitten to the door?

i think they do this to mourn their kitten and to show surrenderness

What happen if you cat is pregnant and it only bring one kitten from out there hidden spot does that mean she have others hidden?

She might, it's happened many times before.

How do I bring an outdoor wild kitten indoors I have an older indoor cat already. What can I do to make sure they get along I don't want to keep the kitten outdoors because the mother cat ignores it.?

They will get along fine. Cats are easier to adapt to a new kitten - compared to dogs. You can bring the kitten inside and maybe put it in a room with the door closed for a few hours. The indoor cat will sniff around and get to know it before you put them together.

What happens wen a kitten eats chocolate and what to do?

Bring it to a vet!!

Your kitten has a red bubble on the eye from fight should i pop the bubble?

No, it could seriously injure the kitten. You should bring it to a vet and the doctor will tell you what to do. Whatever you do, do not pop it!

Where can you take a cat and her kitten you cant care for?

Maybe the vet's office, or you could always go into the vet's office, and ask someone there where you could bring the cat and her kitten.

What feeding arrangements must be made in order to properly take care of bengal kittens?

To acclimate a kitten away from its mother, it is advised that owners confine the kitten to a room with a litter box and food as well as a place to rest. Do not bring children around for the first few days and after those few days, allow the kitten space to explore and acclimate itself to the new surroundings.

Do you need to bring an extra adult diaper to a physical exam?

I bring an extra Adult Diaper everywhere. If you need to wear adult diapers you need to be able to change at any time.

Is it smart to bring a chihuahuah home when you have 13 week old kitten?

Most of the time yes,if the chihuahua is a puppy and the kitten being so young they should get along fine.

What might one need to bring a Calico kitten home?

Calico cats tend to be very independent and often don't socialize very well with other cats. A cat carrier will be needed to bring the kitten home in. Once home the kitten will need a bed which preferably allows it to hide, food and water bowls and a litter box as well as some toys.

If you just got kitten but he stays under your bed all the time should you bring him out or let him stay?

Your kitten is unfamiliar with his or her new surroundings and will come out when he/she feels comfortable ; just be patient .