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The room will warm up.

The fridge with the door left open will run pretty much continuously to try to cool the inside. Our fridge doesn't know the door is open, so it keeps running. The thermostat inside never senses that the inside has cooled, so it tells the compressor to stay on. The room will be cooled by the fridge, but remember that the compressor dumps heat out into the room all the while that it's running. And because the fridge is not 100% efficient, there will be more heat generated than there will be cooling. The result? The room will eventually warm up.

I would disagree partially with the above answer. 1) Efficiency is a term not really used for refrigerators. The term coefficient of performance is used because it can be and usually is greater than one (or greater than 100% in other words) and equals the heat removed from the inside of the fridge divided by the work input. 2) Now, if a perfect fridge was running on a Carnot cycle (no friction in the parts and other criteria) that gives the most cooling for the least amount of work, the room would still heat up as governed by the first law of thermodynamics. W=Heat from the condenser - heat from the evaporator or W+QL=QH. In this case all the terms are considered to be positive numbers. Clearly QH>QL which means the room is getting warmer.

Probably the easiest was to understand this is that work is going into the insulated room which means the overall energy and therefore temperature is going up.

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Can you leave a refrigerator unplugged for a long time?

Yes but leave the door open to prevent mould build-up

When your refrigerator door is opened?

If your refrigerator door is opened and you're not hungry, then close the door. If your refrigerator door is open and you are hungry get something to eat and close the door.

What will happen when refrigerators are opened?

Cold air in the refrigerator escapes and is replaced by warm humid room air. This usually triggers the refrigerator mechanism to cool that air, if you leave the door open too long you can waste lots of electricity.

Why cant opening the door of the refrigerator will cool the kitchen?

If you have noticed the warm air blowing from behind your refrigerator, that is the heat that was in the air that is inside your refrigerator. If you leave the door open the air around the refrigerator will briefly feel cold, but it will warm back up and the food in the refrigerator will go bad.

Can a refrigerator cool down a room if left open?

No. The heat that is generated by cooling the inside is usually given off at the back of the refrigerator. If you leave the door open then everything will become room temperature.

Determine whether you could cool a kitchen by keeping the refrigerator door open?

you cannot cool the kitchen by keeping the refrigerator door open

How do you put an elephant in the refrigerator?

Open the door, put in the elephant, and close the door.

How do you fit an elephant in a refrigerator?

Open the door, put it in, and (somewhat) close the door. You didn't say it had to fit perfectly...

What happens to the air when you open a refrigerator door?

the air in a fridge when you open the door gets hotter because you let the particles out

Who has less power consumption double door refrigerator or single door refrigerator for same capacity?

The double door will usually work out better. You will be able to only open the compartment that you need, keeping the air in for the rest of the refrigerator.

Why should you open a refrigerator as seldom as possible?

When you leave the door open, the cool air flows out, and the warm air flows in. This means that the fridge will have to work harder to keep the food at the same temperature.

How can you tell if frigidaire refrigerator is working?

if its plugged in and when you open the door the light is on

How do you help refrigerator stay cold during power outage?

Try not to open the door too often, this is the same with the freezer, if you leave the freezer door shut, the goods will stay frozen longer than you think,

Is it ok to leave the refrigerator open?

No, for two reasons. First, the fridge door has to be closed to keep the air temperature inside the fridge cool enough to keep the foods cold and safe. Second, leaving the fridge door open causes the refrigerator to run more, costing more energy and running up the electric or gas bill.

What is a sentence for refrigerator?

Who left the refrigerator door open?Your dinner is in the refrigerator.You don't want to go in there, mate. The coroner's refrigerator system has malfunctioned.

Is there a refrigerator that beeps or sounds if the door is left open for too long?

Bosh's Integra line of refrigerators offers a door open alarm that chimes when the door has been open for longer than a minute.

How do you leave your house?

You open the door and walk out

Can a fridge left open in a cool room use to cool room?

No. The heat that is generated by cooling the inside is usually given off at the back of the refrigerator. If you leave the door open then everything will become room temperature.

What are some common soft magnets that can be found in your household?

The first place to look for is your refrigerator. There is a soft magnet between refrigerator door and the refrigerator body itself. You cannot see it directly but you can see it in action. When you close or open the door, you feel that the door sticks to the refrigerator body. That happens precisely because of magnets.

How does refrigerator door work?

Refrigerator door works with the help of magnets which are attached behind the rubber seal on the door which attracts to close the door and doesn't open without any force Maheshwari - VI - Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad

Can you ruin a refrigerator by opening and closing the door too often or leave door open to put away groceries?

No, you cannot ruin the refrigerator by opening and closing the door or by leaving the door open for a few minutes. Refrigerators do have a lifespan for the number of times the doors can be opened and closed before a hinge breaks or the seal is damaged, but this cycle can be in the millions - so it won't be affected with normal use. Each time you open and close the refrigerator, some cool air escapes and can mean that the compressor will have to run to get temperature back to where it should be. Leaving the door open for a few minutes does cool off the interior and things inside will begin to cool off as well. This will result in the refrigerator compressor having to run to get the temperature back down. A good refrigerator is designed to have the compressor go through these cycles many thousands of times. The only reason someone may be concerned with having the refrigerator work more would be the electric bill (it goes up, refrigerator compressors use a lot of power) or the refrigerator compressor has had problems previously.

How 94 corrado changed car battery now the alarm wont switch off any ideas?

Leave driver's door open when replacing the battery. It's when upon installation of battery, you open driver's door and the alarm activates, right? Leave door open during installation. Same goes when you are charging up the battery, leave door open.

Why a room can be warmed by leaving open the door of an oven but cannot be cooled by leaving open the door of a kitchen refrigerator?

the second law of thermodynamics proves that heat always flows from hot to cold. It is hard to give good every day examples, since when you open the refrigerator door you feel cold but actually the room is warming the fridge.

What do you do if you want to leave the house?

Open the door and exit through it

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