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What will happen if you touch a bird egg?


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June 24, 2012 9:26PM

Some children are told that touching a bird's egg or a nest will cause the mother to abandon the baby birds or eggs. This is FALSE. It is possible to move a birds nest or touch the eggs, but for safety reasons (such as avoidance of diseases or parasites) you are advised NOT to touch them.

However! Do NOT keep a nest within the reach of any animals such as cats and raccoon. I would advise you in this situation to carefully locate or build a safer location and CAREFULLY move the nest to a safer location while wearing gloves. Also if a baby bird or egg falls out of a nest, just place it back into the nest and wash your hands.

Also! If the mother is not around, she may be nearby, so don't loiter around the nest either because that will discourage the mother from returning to the nest at that time, which can be fatal to eggs since they need to be at a constant temperature (incubation) and therefore the mother cannot leave the nest for very long.

Furthermore-- DO NOT attempt to keep baby eggs or chicks as pets because it disrespects and messes with nature. baby birds are meant to be taken care of by their mothers. If you find a nest with a dead mother, quickly get the eggs to an animal specialist with an incubator or the eggs will become cold and die. Unless you are a specialist and have the right equipment, taking care of baby birds/ eggs is a very BAD idea.