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Q: What will happen to a baby if the mom gets sick?
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How does a teacher become a mom?

* MOM is married * mom getss pregnat * mom gets a job as a teacer probably by having a baby.. probably by having a baby..

If the baby hamster is sick will the mom eat it?

yes because the baby will die soon or later

What are the release dates for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - 2012 Daniel Gets a Cold Mom Tiger Is Sick?

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - 2012 Daniel Gets a Cold Mom Tiger Is Sick was released on: USA: January 2014

What is the rising action of Fever 1793?

I think it's when the mom gets sick

When does a tiger become independent?

whenever its mom gets sick of taking care of it

What happens if a baby hamster.. 2 weeks old.. dies leaving the mother and brother behind?

Just make sure you take it out of the cage so mom and brother does not get sick if the baby was sick the mom and brother will be just fine and they will get back to normal

Who takes care of baby wolves - mom or dad?

mom, the dad goes out and gets its food

Will a mom guinea pig kill her baby?

yes, it can happen. normally mothers kill to put a baby out of its misery if it is sick, or if you leave it without water or food, they will go to the baby for that. Doesn't sound nice, but it's nature, so keep up the water and food.

What can happen to a baby when its mom is doing drugs?

the baby might be born with a birth defect

What will happen when rubber is rubbed with cotton?

Your mom gets pregnant

Can you kiss your mom on the lips?

I'ts fine when you are 4, but not any older. It kinda gets sick.

What should you do if your mom is sick and you are helpinhg her?

You should get some canned soup or make some soup, and get the right medicine according to your mom's sickness. Hope this helps, and I hope your mom gets better!

When a baby horse dies what happens to the mother?

the mom just gets a cut in the stomach and the baby is sucked out with a special vacuum

Can a mom rabbit kill an baby rabbit?

Yes, the mother will kill the baby if it is a first-time mom, or if it gets upset in any way. Some mothers always kill their babies.

How do moms have babies?

first to put the baby in the stomach the mom and dad need to do it ....then the moms stomach gets bigger(the baby is usually in the stomach for 9 months) and then they need to take the mom to the hospital and then she pushes the baby out of her vagina

What will happen if you touch a baby hamster before 2 weeks?

Well mom might not like it but the baby will be fine.

Can you have a baby if im HIV positive?

Yes, but there's considerable risk that the baby will be born HIV-positive too. You've got to ask yourself if it's fair for a chronically sick mom to have a baby that runs a high risk of ending up chronically sick too.

If the mom crayfish is dead . What will happen to the babies Should I take the dead mom out of the tank.?

If the mom crayfish is dead, you should remove her from the tank. Leaving her in the tank can cause bacteria to grow, making the babies sick.

What is the rising action of the story the circuit?

the move to california and they start working in different locations. panchito begins school. torito gets very sick. mom gets pregnant again.

What happen after mercer staff gets in lungs and kidneys?

what do we look for in getting mercer from are mom who has it in her lungs

When do baby rabbits have to be separated from mom?

At 8 weeks you can take a baby away from it's Mum. The longer it stays with the Mum, the more she gets annoyed with it.

What would happen to snake baby if mom was killed?

if it isn't born yet or evolved then it will die.

What is going to happen on the secret life of an American teenager after Amy has the baby?

Amy will keep her baby, Ashley and her dad will move out, and Amy's mom will get a job

How to treat a sick guinea pig?

if you love it you must do these simple steps if you know were its mom is then have him stay there for a night or bring it to the vet and hope it gets better

When do the gerbils start to eat on there own?

Gerbils eat their own young when the baby gerbil is in outsider or smells like one, if the gerbil mom does not have water or is suffering from malnutrion, if the baby dies or is sick.