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As the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) begins removing more and more aliens, a growing number are reentering illegally after their removal. Many do not realize that by doing so, they are committing a crime. The case law in this area is quite complex, and fraught with constitutional considerations. This article provides an overview of the crime of illegal reentry under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

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Q: What will happen to someone who is deported and then re-enters the US illegally?
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What will happen to someone who is deported and then re enters the US illegally?

they get redeported

What can happen to a person found here illegally?

They will be deported

What will happen if immigration catches me?

If you are in the country illegally you will most likely get deported.

7 What can happen to someone if they get caught illegally copying or distributing copyrighted material?

Either get sued or maybe some jail time.

If a person enters the country illegally with the intention of receiving asylum but is denied then marries a US citizen what will happen when applying for the residency through marriage?

Once you are officially married to an American citizen, you can not be deported from the country, unless you engage in a criminal offense.

What will happen if you are caught illegally selling opium?


What will happen to drug users when caught for the first time?

If you are saying this in concern of someone on a work or student visa like you put in categories there is a chance that they could be deported back to where they came.

Will someone arrested for intent to deliver cocaine be deported?

If they're lucky. Otherwise, they'll get a neat vacation at government expense at the Greybar Hotel. Deportation can NOT happen to a citizen, only an alien.

What is the point of citizenship?

Once you have citizenship within the United States, you are not going to be deported. If something were to happen or say your Visa ran out (if that is what you are on), you could be deported back to your home country.

My boyfriend is going to be deported. If I marry him right now can they still deport him?

Yes he can still be deported. ______________________ To add to the previous answer. If you marry your boyfriend now, one of two things will happen: 1) he applies to Immigration for a visa to stay in the country (which may or may not be granted) 2) he is deported and must then apply for a visa to re-enter the country (which may or may not be granted) Immigration will consider the following: is it a "marriage of convenience"? - can you prove a long-term relationship? why is he being deported? - has he committed any offences? is he in the country illegally? You may end up having to decide if you would be willing to emigrate in order to be with your boyfriend.

What can happen to a person that comes to the US illegally just to give birth?

The undocumented mother will be deported if detained. However, the baby that was born in the US will get birthright US citizenship. This method of delivering thier babies in the US so that the kids s will get US citizenship is called 'anchor baby' system.

What will happen if you download free from internet in USA?

Nothing, unless you have done it illegally.

Can a person report an illegal immigrant to be deported who has a child that is a Us citizen?

Yes. Two things might happen, either the parent will be deported with the child also being deported (with the ability to return when they are adult) or else the ICE (INS) will grant leave for the parent to remain until the child is 18.

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People will continue to use and sell it illegally, and a lot of folks will go to jail unnecessarily.

Can anything happen to you if you married an illegal alien?

I got married to a man from El Salvador, and he just got deported. They didn't do nothing to me.

What happen to children in the UK illegally for 8years?

When they're found - they will be returned to their country of origin - along with their parents, as they will be illegals too !

Boyfriend in jail wants to get married so he wont be deported Is this a stupid move What will happen?

Yes, marrying to get around a law and not for pure love is a mess. Officials can also investigate the legitimacy of your "marriage" and he could end up being deported anyways. Also, if your boyfriend is in jail, you should probably find a better boyfriend. And getting married when he is already in trouble legally may not prevent him from being deported. Then you would be stuck married to someone that you if you want to be with them you have to leave the country. And if you want to stay in the US, they may not want to deal with divorce and leave you stuck.

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