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What will happen to the equilibrium price level and real GDP if aggregate demand and aggregate supply both decreases?


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AD INCREASES AS DECREASES As the AD/AS model exhibits (exactly the same as Demand and Supply model except Price Level instead of Price and output or real GDP instead of quantity) an increase in AD leads to an inrease in both price level and output. Imagine if there is an increase in demand for tomatoes. According to demand and supply the price of tomatoes will increase. Expand this on a macro scale. When the Aggregate demand for goods and services increase, this pushes the price up. Also in response to this increase in demand, producers will produce more of the good to take advantage of the increased demand, leading to an increase in real GDP. If AS decreases, goods become more scarce and as long as demand is fixed, the price will increase. 'WE PAY MORE MONEY FOR RARE THINGS'. Furthermore, because there is less supply output will decrease. Putting these effects together, both will lead to an increase in price level. The effect on output depends on which force is larger.