What will happen to the sea levels if global warming continues?

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  • Sea levels will rise because warmer water expands.
  • Sea levels will rise as glaciers and ice caps continue to melt, moving water from land into the oceans.

In 2000, it was claimed the ice caps would be gone by 2010, and there would be drastic sea level rises around the world, flooding coastal cities. It hasn't happened.
If the caps did indeed melt, it could happen, but so far the dire predictions have not occurred.
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What will happen if global warming continues?

Many things can happen if Global Warming continues: . Heat waves and the resulting deaths . Loss of crops and the resulting famines . Glaciers and the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica meltingand the resulting flooding of coastal lands, cities, and low-lyingcountries . Increased and more sa ( Full Answer )

Why does global warming happen?

When light from the Sun enters our atmosphere it gets converted to heat which gets trapped by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor. By burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, we have been adding extra gre ( Full Answer )

Will global warming happen?

Global warming is already happening. We are already seeing glaciers retreating, polar ice melting, hottest year records regularly being broken. Scientists have been hoping that the temperature will not rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, but many are saying it's already too late for that.

What will happen to the beaches if global warming continues?

One anticipated effect of global climate change is an anticipatedrise in sea level. This will place the beaches closer to you if youlive inland. The specific changes in any particular beach will bedue to changes in the topography and currents in the new arae aswell as the wind and weather conditions ( Full Answer )

What will happen if global warming happens?

One of the primary issues concerns sea level rise. There is enough ice locked in Greenland to raise ocean levels 20 feet. Although it would be centuries before Antarctica would melt, there is sufficient ice piled on that continent to raise ocean levels 200 feet. These sea level rises would be a majo ( Full Answer )

What will happen to glaciers if global warming continues?

If global warming continues, then glaciers, which are like riversof ice, will continue to melt and finally disappear. Many of theworld's great rivers get water from the spring melting of glaciers,so if glaciers vanish, the rivers and the people who rely on them,will be threatened.

How quickly will global warming happen?

Global warming will happen less than 10 years . Global Warming is already happening but in the future it is going to get worse. Global warming is a major event that could change everything about the earth.

Why is global warming happening?

Global warming is happening because of the two human activities of deforestation (cutting down forests) and burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). Global warming is caused by human beings who have invented suchthings as cement, electric power, internal combustion engines andfurnace ( Full Answer )

Is global warming happening?

Yes. Global warming is not just something scientists predict tohappen in the future - it is happening right now. The last tenyears were the warmest since instrumental records began in 1850. A: We have the evidence, But we just don't want to believe it. So itis happening, but you just don't want t ( Full Answer )

What will happen in the future if current trends continue for global warming?

There are multiple models as to the projected effects of globalclimate change assuming current carbon emissions are not reduced. . One of the most catastrophic outcomes will be rising sea levelsdue to glacier, Greenland and Antarctic ice melts. This has thepotential to radically alter population ( Full Answer )

How is global warming raising the sea levels?

Global warming is the cause of rising sea levels because the warming makes the oceans expand, so the levels rise. Also the melting of land ice like ice caps and glaciers runs into the sea and raises the levels.

Is it true if global warming continues you will die?

If global warming continues unchecked then the world will getwarmer and warmer and yes, you will die, along with every otherliving thing on the earth. Another View. However, there has been no warming for 17 years. Whether this issimply a pause, remains to be seen. There have also been cooling trends ( Full Answer )

What will happen to Antarctica if global warming continues?

Antarctica will melt if the temperatures do rise, this will resultin a loss of many species of animals and a rise In the sea levels.Global Warming is NO joke, it is serious and is actually happening. Also, research for finding cures will be eliminated as there won'tbe enough land to experiment on me ( Full Answer )

How will global warming cause sea levels to rise?

As glacial ice melts it tends to end up in the oceans. Much of the arctic ice is already afloat, so its melting contributes very little to sea rise. There will be some rise due to thermal expansion of ocean water. However, Greenland bears enough ice to raise ocean levels close to 20 feet. Antarct ( Full Answer )

What obvious effect will continued global warming have?

Global warming means that average global temperatures are rising. However, this rise is sufficiently gradual that it is really only obvious to scientists, especially as it is interrupted by short term climatic variations and masked by regional variations. One effect that will become obvious to coas ( Full Answer )

How high will the sea level be with global warming?

Greenland ice will raise ocean levels a little over 20 feet (about 7 meters). This ice will continue melting over the next hundred years. Antarctic ice, which probably won't melt for centuries to come, would raise ocean levels 200 feet (over 60 meters).

What will happen to the oceans if global warming continues?

If global warming continues . The oceans will continue to rise as the warmer waterexpands . The glaciers and ice caps will continue to melt, raising sealevels even further . Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will continue to be absorbedinto the surface waters, making them more acidic. This dama ( Full Answer )

What will happen if the sea level rises because of global warming?

There are three key impacts of sea level rise. 1) INUNDATION (flooding): Many low lying countries will be under water, including large parts of the USA, UK, Holland, Bangladesh, and many Pacific Island countries. Note that it is likely that these effects will be delayed, giving the false imp ( Full Answer )

What will happen to the North Pole if global warming continues?

Hot or cold there will always be a north magnetic and a northgeographic pole on Earth. The environment in these areas may changethrough the warming processes of global climate change as well asice cover and sea level but the poles will remain.

What might happen to humans if global warming continues?

Humans will have to adapt to changes in their environments. This may mean moving away from low lying coastal plains. It may mean importing wheat or rice or other foods because their climate is now too dry, or too wet, or too hot. It may mean moving to other lands in search of water, if some of the g ( Full Answer )

What has happened to the global sea level over the past century?

Sea levels rose 20 centimetres over the course of the twentieth century, an average of only 2 millimetres per year. During the last decade, however, mean global sea levels have been rising at approximately 2.9 to 3.4 millimetres per year.

How high will water level rise if global warming continues?

Greenland has sufficient ice to raise ocean levels more than 20 feet. I was surprised when I first heard this, and calculated the result myself. There is some thermal expansion of water as its temperature is raised, so melting the Arctic ice cap would raise ocean levels a little bit, but not a lo ( Full Answer )

Will global warming really happen?

Yes. Global warming is not just something scientists predict to happen in the future - it is already happening now. The last ten years were the warmest since instrumental records began in 1850. The more severe consequences of global warming may still be off in the future, but global warming has star ( Full Answer )

Where does global warming happens?

Many things cause global warming. One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Electricity causes pollution in many ways, some worse than others. In most cases, fossil fuels are burned to create electricity. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil f ( Full Answer )

Can you be sure global warming is happening?

The unprecedented reduction of the arctic ice cap, permafrost and mountain glaciers are sure signs that global warming is occurring. Historic records show glaciers around the planet are reducing. Further, ocean levels have been documented as rising several inches, which does not sound like much but ( Full Answer )

What proof is there that global warming is not happening?

There is no proof that global warming is not happening. After therecent record global average temperature of 1998, there was a lull,with subsequent years recording lower average temperatures, butthis is to be expected as part of normal climate fluctuations. Someoptimists nevertheless saw that as pro ( Full Answer )

Why is global warming still happening?

Too many greenhouse gases. For example: - Methane Gas: Released via cattle and rice farming.. - Carbon Dioxide: As a result of human activity (burning fossil fuels.)

Is Venice concerned about rising sea levels from global warming is?

Yes, Venice is very much so in danger of rising sea levels. The city has in fact for the past 2 decades, and locals haven't lived on the first floor of their homes for 10 years. Currently the city is looking for ways to block the water from getting in. Other issues with the city include the ove ( Full Answer )

Why and how is global warming happening?

When we talk about global warming, we usually refer to the increase in average global temperatures since the beginning of the Industrial Age. Climate scientists say that this results from increased levels of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, and that human activities are a substantial c ( Full Answer )

Will sea levels rise with global warming?

Yes. Scientists say they rose by a relatively modest 20 centimeters during the twentieth century, but are predicted to rise between 90 and 150 centimeters during the present century, depending on our progress in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why does it snow if global warming is happening?

Fortunately global warming has not reached the point that we no longer get snow, although some marginal snow fields usually get less snow that in former years. Also, at the 2010 Winter Olympics, snow had to be trucked in from kilometres away in order to provide a proper winter ambience, as the local ( Full Answer )

How does global warming lead to the rising of sea level?

As glacial ice melts and recedes, all that water ends up draining into the oceans. The Greenland ice pack is large enough to raise sea levels about 7 meters (close to 23 feet). Although the arctic ice is not resting on anything and thus would not contribute significantly to sea level rise, there ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of global warming on sea levels?

Global warming causes sea levels to rise, for two main reasons. Water expands as it becomes warmer, so global warming heats the ocean and cause the water to expand. The loss of glacial ice (but not sea ice) is another contributor to rising sea levels. These events have resulted in a rise of 20 centi ( Full Answer )

How can global warming cause sea levels to rise?

Glacial ice melt inevitably ends up in the oceans. There is enoughice on Greenland to raise ocean levels approximately 7 meters(almost 20 feet). Antarctic ice is not expected to melt forcenturies, but there is enough fresh water locked up there to raiseocean levels some 60 meters (200 feet). Thermal ( Full Answer )

Why does sea level rise due to global warming?

if cabondioxide increases then immediately tempreture increases it effects global warming when tempreture rises the earth surface's tempreture will be increased that due to the rise of the sea waves in the sea.

What will happen to the UK's agriculture if global warming continues?

We don't know. Global warming may cause the Gulf Stream, whichkeeps the UK warm, to slow or stop. This would make Britain colderthan it is now. However, if global warming continues Britain willthen become warmer and warmer. There may be more rain or less rain.All this will cause problems for farmers ( Full Answer )

How is global warming making sea levels rise?

Becuz heat is warming up ice caps and glaciers and they melt and make the sea level rise, and then once it gets high enough wer all gonna drown and slowly die.

Why is global warming continuing?

Global Warming is continuing because all around the world people are still burning fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas) and all the carbon dioxide emitted is adding to the greenhouse gases. This will continue till we start using renewable energy for transport and electricity. Then global warming ( Full Answer )

Is sea level rising as a result of global warming?

Yes it is. For most of the last century sea levels rose at 2 mm ayear, and since the later years of the 20th Century they have beenrising at 3 mm a year. Warmer oceans mean that the warm waterexpands. This is the main cause of the rise. A secondary cause isthe melting of land ice.

Why is sea level rising as a result of global warming?

Sea levels are rising mainly because warm water expands, and theoceans have been warming steadily over the past 40 years. Meltingland ice is also adding to rising sea levels. A common error in climate debate is to focus on short term datainstead of looking at long time trends. All sea level graphs ( Full Answer )

How does the rise in sea level support the theory of global warming?

If sea levels are rising this can be caused by two things: . Extra water added to the oceans. This can only come from land ice melting. . Ocean water expanding as it gets warmer. We know that sea levels are rising because our satellites measure this. This therefore supports the theory of glob ( Full Answer )