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The lender will eventually repossess the car.

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Q: What will happen to you if your car is 6 months behind in payments and you still have possession of the car?
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Before a car can be repossessed doesn't it have to be behind in payments by at least two months?


If the cosigner has had possession of vehicle 15 months paying the payments does the primary have the right to the vehicle?

will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle

You sold a car in a private party sale in which the buyer agreed via written contract to make monthly payments and they now owe 380 and are 4 months behind-how do you repossess in Texas?

You locate the car and remove it from the possession of the default debtor.

Can a bank repo your car before notifing you before they come get it?

if you are behind at least 2-3 months behind in payments then they can come get it whenever they please

Can I trade in my car if I am behind on payments?

You absolutely can trade in your vehicle even if you are behind on your payments. When you trade a vehicle in the dealership you are purchasing from pays off your previous loan in full, so being behind on your payments will not affect anything other than the total amount due on your car. Of course when the new dealership runs your credit report it will probably reflect that you are currently behind and will also show how many months you are behind.

If you are 3 months behind on your car payments can you still buy another car and let the other car go into repossession?


Grammar - 3 month's time or 3 months time?

Just to be awkward, I rather think it should be 3 months' time. Months are not in possession of time !!!! I believe it would be "3 months time". Answer above is correct in that months cannot be in possession of time; however, "3 months' time" would still be giving the word "months" possession.

In general how many months can a person fall behind in car payments before the car will be repossessed?

Typically a person is given three months or approximately 90 days to miss car payments before a car is subject to repossession. Usually the bank or credit union that issued the loan will call to try and arrange payments with the car owner.

I was two months behind but still pay a payment every month. can the car still get repossessed?

If they are accepting your payments, they probably won't take your car.

How many payments in a bi-monthly for 2 years?

1 year = 12 months 2 years = 2 x 12 = 24 months. Number of payments in a month = 2 Number of payments in 2 years or 24 months = 2 x 24 =48 payments.

If you have an order to make mortgage payments in Lieu of childsupport What if you fall behind on the payments Is it contempt?

It may be. More importantly, do you want your child to be homeless? If you fall far enough behind on the mortgage payments the mortgage company could foreclose ... and then where would your child be? More likely, your state will go to your employer to garnish your wages for the payments to make sure you fulfill the arrearage and stay on time with future payments. Answer these questions for yourself: are your car payments on time? are your rent/mortgage payments on time? have you bought yourself any clothing in the past couple months? have you bought any gifts for others in the past couple months? have you gone out to eat in the past couple months? If your answer to any of these is YES, then tighten your belt, grow up, lose the self-indulgence and act like an adult ... a parent. Short of significant physical injury or illness beyond your control, you will face consequences.

What will happen if I'm caught with a bowl in Pennsylvania?

If you are caught with a bowl and have no other possession and are only using it for tobacco, than you will not receive any charges. However, drug possession is illegal and unsafe and paraphernalia can get you at least nine months in prison.

Can a motorcycle be repossessed if you haven't made payments in 6 months and then started making payments again?

Technically you breached the contract with the lender if you did not make payments in 6 months. They actually have the right to NOT accept further payments from you. So yes, it can still be repossessed.

What will happen if you are late with car payments?

If you are late, depending on who you owe, you can get taken to a collection agency, charged fines and/or have your car repossesed. I actually know two people who couldn't do the payments, it may have been for a couple of months, and their cars were repossesed.

Can you sue your mortgage company in your state or do you have to sue in the state they are HQ'd in?


What has to happen before a creditor can have your care repossessed?

A car cannot be repossessed until the owner has missed several car payments and the owner has been notified of late payments. In most states a car can be repossessed after three months of non-payment.

How do we receive a grant up to $50,000 or 6 months mortgage payments?

How do we receive the government mortgage bailout money available up to $50,000 or 6 months mortgage payments?

What is the salary for olan mills employees?

$8.00 per hour. Pay is slow. Pay raises are even slower. Expense payments are months behind, and paid only after hours of phone calls.

Can my power company shut off my power if I am paying on the bill each month?

Usually you must be several months behind on payments before they can shut off power. You could potentially get several months behind while "paying on the bill each month" if those payments were so small (e.g. $1 per month) as to have no practical effect on the accumulating balance due, but this might be a judgment call and talking to them about reasons you can't pay more at this time and how to get assistance would help prevent disconnection. However you made no comment on the size of the payments you are making, so I don't know if this is your case.

How many missed mortgage payments before you get repossessed?

Its usually 3 months when the bank starts the paperwork and harrassing you to make payments

If I pay about 6 months worth of mortgage payments so I can be ahead what will happen if my house was to get destroyed Would I be out of all 6 months worth of money?

It sounds like you would be expecting a refund. You owe your mortgage payments even if your house gets destroyed. If you paid six months ahead your money is gone. You won't get it back but it would reduce what you own on your mortgage. However, if you have a mortgage then it is likely you have homeowner's insurance that would restore/repair your dwelling.You may also be expected to make your monthly payments. If you are contemplating this type of move it would be best to discuss it with your mortgage company before you send in any extra payments.

You have not made payments for aleast 30 months whats your options to settle your debt to keep the car?

Send them a cashiers check for the balance in full. Otherwise, hope they do not repossess it. Can happen any time.

If you are the buyer but the cosigner has the car and is 3 months behind on the payments can you just go pick up the car?

IF and only IF, you are listed on the TITLE as co-owner, you can go get the car. CO-SIGNORS have to let the lender do it their way.

If you are 3 months behind but making payments on your vehicle can they still repo your car in Illinois?

Can furniture be repossessed if payment has not been made in 6 months but you start back making payments?

Yes, furniture can be repossessed if you start making payments again after 6 months, especially if the missed payments are not caught up. The creditor can refuse the payment if court proceedings are already in progress.