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Nothing, but time.

Time brings forgiveness, love and mostly regain trust.


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Yes she was cheating on Marc Anthony ever since they were married.

22% of married men have cheated on their wives and 14% of married women have cheated on their husbands, according to current data. The data is inaccurate, because most couples will not admit to cheating in the first place.

If your ex husband is cheating or happily married, this is not your concern anymore. What he does now is someone else's problem and not your worry.

47% Married couples are still livin with the same naggin wife and inresondable husband for 25 years!

there are major problems in that marriage B: A couple don't need to have a problem with their marriage for a husband to have an affair. A Happy and perfect marriage also hit by a husband ending up with affair. All we need to know is why we do it and never cared about consequences. If we all search we all going to find that there's a lot of couples with or without problem ending up cheating. There are some not most, couples marriage will have a problem small or huge because the husband or wife started cheating. In the survey you will find out that affair, cheating, emotional or even infidelity is the main cost of couples problem.

no! its like cheating on her husband

ANSWER:.... Yes it does no matter who do it and circumstances will also play some role between married couples.

Because, to be fair, she is married to the husband. So technically, she's cheating on the husband with the lover; not the other way round.

Sure, lunch is not cheating on your husband.

You don't; if you love your husband just stop cheating; if you don't love you husband, tell him you don't love him and file for a divorce.

i know that my husband has been cheating on me and we only been married in the state of VA since nov25 what can i do

Shes probably bored of her husband and needs to find someone else. She has to try a little harder with him first, and then if she thinks shell never be able to be with JUST him, she needs to tell him that she has been cheating and why. She needs to explain herself..... and then file for a divorce. Cheating isn't good, if you want to cheat you have to end all other relationships (It technically wouldn't be cheating then, which is good.) ..... Not to be pushy, but Im guessing your either the married wife, the husband, or the best friend?

You have all the rights that enure to married couples since you are still married. You have all the same rights you have when you are not separated.

you shouldn't even need to be taking money from your husband usually married couples have joint bank accounts but why do you need it? are you a gold digger?

Yes. Tenancy by the entirety is reserved for legally married couples.

There is no such thing as illegally married gay couples. There are only legally married gay couples (with or without state recognition), and unmarried gay couples.

Tell him to back off. and say that u r married and u cant do that with u

When couples get married they exchange vows.

43.54 is the average married couples geez get it rite

There are no correct statistics to how many women remain married to cheating husbands for these reasons:Some women don't know their husbands are cheatingSome women will put up with a cheating husband and generally does not mention it to friends or familyThe two could have come to an amicable agreement where they both cheat

It depends on what her and her partner believe - some people would regard that as cheating, others wouldn't. There are also of course married couples who have sex with other people, as long as they do so with the other partners consent it isn't cheating. With anything like this it's something the couple needs to discuss.

What is the percent for married couples to stay married for 70 years?

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