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a bad relay-a bad temperature sensor.a blown fuse.A bad Ground..a BAD power Source.A COOLING FAN MOTOR THAT IS BURNT UP. a bad ign switch ---A DEAD BATTERY.etc-etc

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Q: What will make cooling fans stop working?
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What causes both cooling fans to stop working on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

the thermostat will make both fans become idle if it is not opening. this happened to me on my 95 3.1 lumina

What causes both cooling fans to stop working on a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

Check the relay.

Why did both of my cooling fans and my air conditioner stop working at the same time in my 1994 Chevy Camaro?

If cooling fans stop working and engine runs hot wtih A/C on usually excessive head pressure will build in a/c compressor and refrigerant will discharge from system. cooling fans may have a bad fuse or relay should be repaired prior to recharging a/c

What causes the cooling fans to stop working on 2005 Chevy impala?

Blown fuse, motor burnt up, or the fan relay switch is bad.

Would driving through water cause cooling fans to stop working?

A normal puddle on the road should not damage the fan. If the water is deep, then water could get inside of the fan connectors or the fans themselves, and cause failure.

How do you replace the cooling fan sensor in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

Cooling fans won't stop running in the cold on a grand am gt 2001

What is the problem of Honda CRV 2000 MODEL with aircon sudden stop working and show hi temp and overheat ALSO FANS not working?

If the radiator cooling fans are not working - those are the first things I would check out. It is possible that they may be the heart of your problem, and the remainder of it (the A/C stopped working) might simply be a 'fail-safe' to protect the compressor. Start with the fuse and/or relays controlling the fans to see if they're good or they're blownl, and then the temperature sensors themselves (that are supposed to activate the fans into motion).

What do you do when both fans stop working in a Nissan X trail?

Figure out why they stopped working and repair the problem.

Why does AC stop working after a while and the car will overheat when AC is on on a 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Cooling fan not working, or your cooling system needs a complete service. The cooling fan should be on continuously when the A/C is on.

What do you do when both fans stop working in a 1995 Monte Carlo?

if both fans quit working, it could be as simple as the relay fuse going out. have your mechanic check these fuses.

How do you stop your 1998 Transport won't stop over heating?

Check coolant levelMake sure coolant fans are workingReplace thermostatHave radiator boiled out or replacedMake sure system is not airboundReplace radiator capMake sure water pump is working properly

Why does both cooling fans run at the same time on a 1987 cadillac deville?

The cooling fans will run when there is a signal calling for them to come on. High temps will do that. Also anytime the ac is on, a fan will run. Try turning the ac off and see if one of the fans stop. Do this when the engine is cold. If the fans run anyway, check your fan relays, they may be stuck on.

Engine starts to overheat with AC running 2001 kia sportage at stop?

Be sure the cooling fans are functioning when the ac is running.

What would cause the radiator cooling fans to work when the engine is off on a 2000 Chevy venture?

Hi, If the cooling fans run for a few minutes after turning off the engine and then stop, the engine computer probably thinks that the coolant temperature is very high and is trying to cool that off. If the fans run on and on and do not stop at all, then I would say that you have a shorted control relay for the fans. So a little troubleshooting is needed for this issue. I have provided a link that describes how these fans are supposed to work and how they are controlled. Good Luck, Greg

Why is your 1996 cadillac sedan deville keeps running hot when you sit in traffic or if you drive for a long period of time then stop what could it be?

check radiator cooling fans not working. Will turn on automatically when the proper temp is reached. Fans should go on IMMEDIATELY when the A/C is used. Set temp to 65 to test

How do you make your implant birth control stop working?

To make the contraceptive implant stop working, have it removed. You will have immediate return to fertility.

The heating cooling ac fan stopped working in your 1985 60 series wagon where are the relays or what advice do you have about what the prob may be?

Usually when fans stop working it can be contributed to the heater blower motor resistor which is either located in the heater duct underneath the dash or under the hood next to the blower motor.

Your temperature gage works sometimes but your cooling fans work fine what else could be making your gage stop working?

Two different circuits---the fan has a fan switch, and the gauge has a sending unit...also, the library should have a shop manual...:)

Would buying some cooling fans help stop my laptop from overheating?

Yes, of course a cooling fan would help, that's what they are designed to do. Ask the sales representive at the store to explain to you how they work.

How do you treat a 2000 ford contour when it runs hot?

You stop driving it and repair the problem that is causing it to run hot. A complete cooling system service is in order. Drain the coolant, replace the thermostat, replace the coolant, check the function of the water pump, the thermal switch for the cooling fans and the cooling fans themselves. Clean the exterior of the radiator and flush the radiator.

Why would cause the cooling fans to stop working on an Infiniti G20?

some times the fan will not work if the radiator fan sw is bad. this is like a oil presure sw when it get to the right temp the fan sould start up. it is loc on the side of the radiator.

Why ac compressor and cooling fan does not kickin for 2004 Honda Civic. Fuse is okay.?

The ac compressor's clutch may be blown. If so the compressor will not spin and provide air. The fan could also have a bad motor which will stop the fans from working.

Why does Animal Crossing City folk stop working after a while?

It doesn't. You must have a Wii hardrive or cooling issue. Mine did and it was the only game that stopped working.

Why is 1998 Camry cooling fan not coming on when engine is hot but turned off?

I had a problem with the cooling fans not coming on when the car was at rest.... so when i would stop at lights the temp would start rising... i ended up working out you can override the faulty circuit by turning on your a/c when you pull up and that overrides it and they turn on and no more over heating..

Why is your car overheating when stopped and its not the fans they work and changed the thermostat too?

the fan can be installed backwards and moving the air through the radiator in the wrong direction.The radiator or cooling ports can be plugged if a stop leak has been used on the engine.the water pump might not be working.