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What will make cooling fans stop working?


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2004-08-14 00:20:06
2004-08-14 00:20:06

a bad relay-a bad temperature sensor.a blown fuse.A bad Ground..a BAD power Source.A COOLING FAN MOTOR THAT IS BURNT UP. a bad ign switch ---A DEAD BATTERY.etc-etc


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the thermostat will make both fans become idle if it is not opening. this happened to me on my 95 3.1 lumina

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If cooling fans stop working and engine runs hot wtih A/C on usually excessive head pressure will build in a/c compressor and refrigerant will discharge from system. cooling fans may have a bad fuse or relay should be repaired prior to recharging a/c

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Blown fuse, motor burnt up, or the fan relay switch is bad.

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A normal puddle on the road should not damage the fan. If the water is deep, then water could get inside of the fan connectors or the fans themselves, and cause failure.

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Cooling fans won't stop running in the cold on a grand am gt 2001

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