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There should be some sort of adjustment screw on top of the sprinkler head, otherwise you can change out the nozzle.

2009-04-11 00:23:56
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Q: What will make your sprinkler heads shoot out further if they are not getting all the way to where they need to cover?
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Hunter Sprinkler Heads?

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How many inches should objects be from the fire sprinkler heads?

National fire code requires at least 18 inches of separation from sprinkler heads to things stored beneath them.

Fire sprinkler heads gallons per minute?


Is it easy to relocate sprinklers to different areas of my lawn?

If you utilize an in-ground sprinkler system, relocating sprinklers will require you to tear up most of your lawn as you will need to reroute pipes and sprinkler heads. For above ground sprinkler systems, relocating sprinkler heads is fairly easy and is completely dependent on the length of your hose.

What is the maximum distance between fie sprinkler heads?

What kind of paint is used on fire sprinkler pipe?

Just regular latex paint. Just don't paint the sprinkler heads or they will have to be replaced.

What is the maximum distance between fire sprinkler heads?

Depends on the sprinkler head. I've used 10 ft up to 18 foot. It should be in the specs when you look at the type of sprinkler head you have.

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What type of sprinkler head is typically found in open warehouses with high ceilings?

Upright heads

Are there any sprinkler heads available that are designed to help with water conservation?

Yes, there are sprinkler heads available that will help with water conservation. MP Rotator, made by Hunter, is just one of the brands. You can read more about them by visiting

What is the minimum distance that objects should be from the fire sprinkler head?

National fire code requires at least 18 inches of separation from sprinkler heads to things stored beneath them.

Automatic fire sprinkler system?

An automatic sprinkler system is a system in which sprinkler heads are fixed in piping system were pipe is fully filled with water or air under pressure and, at a certain calibrated temperature, sensing elements in sprinkler head breaks and allows water flow. Other types of systems rely upon electrical sensors (smoke and heat sensors, or manual switches) to initiate the flow or to pressurize the pipe so that sprinkler heads activated by the heat will flow water. Somewhat more rare systems, for extremely high hazards such as rubber tire storage in a warehouse, may have sprinkler heads that are always "open", allowing the entire room to be flooded when the pipe is pressurized.

How do fire sprinkler systems put out fires?

Fire sprinklers have two major components that operate in response to a fire: the fire sprinkler heads which are connected via a series of pipes to a fire pumps. Water pressure is kept in the head by a series of valves in the pump. and is kept in the heads by little vials of colored liquid. During a fire, the liquid inside the sprinkler heads heats up and starts to expand, eventually causing the vial to burst. Water that was kept in the pipes pours out of the sprinkler heads. The water pouring out of the sprinkler heads causes the pressure in the fire pump to drop. In response, the pump kicks on and pumps more water from the municipal water supply to keep the sprinkler flowing. NOTE: this is how "wet pipe" fire sprinklers, the most common types of fire sprinklers, work. Other sprinklers (dry pipe, deluge and pre-action) are slightly different.

How many fire sprinkler heads are needed for a fire department connection to be installed?

In the past the FDC was optional. NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems now requires the connection except for systems of 20 sprinkler heads or less, or when permission has been obtained from the authority having jurisdiction. Sources- Brannigan & Corbett- Building Construction for the Fire Service (4th Ed) 2008. The above is a direct quote on page 288 if you so need it for a paper. So when you have more than 20 sprinkler heads, or when you have obtained permission. Doug E.

Does it make sense to use two inch pipe in a home sprinkler system when water enters through a one inch meter?

You will not have any pressure after the first few sprinkler heads.

Have there been any recalls on Rasco fire sprinkler heads?

Rasco 1993 H - K 14.2

How does heat move from a fire up to a fire sprinkler?

Since hot air is lighter than cool air, heat, especially the high heat from a fire, moves up to the fire sprinkler heads on the ceiling the ceiling rapidly. When the heat gets too great, heat sensitive bulbs contained in the sprinkler heads burst and release pressurized water from behind the bulbs.

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How many PSI come out of fire sprinkler heads?

Depends on the available pressure If you have 60 PSI coming into a structure then you will get 60 PSI out of the sprinkler Just look at the "K" factoring for friction losses

What does deluge mean in a fire sprinkler system?

A deluge fire sprinkler system, unlike most ordinary systems, mean that the sprinkler heads do not have individual heat-sensitive valves. The sprinkler heads in a deluge system have no valves of their own, meaning they are always open and water will be sprayed out of them when the supply valve is turned on. There are limited uses for deluge systems, such as in a tire storage warehouse where it is important to put out a fire quickly and the massive flow of water will not cause major damage.

How do you add zones to a fire sprinkler system?

Fire sprinkler systems are effectively already zoned - you don't need to do anything special. When your fire sprinkler system detects a fire, it doesn't set off all the sprinkler heads at once. Instead, each fire sprinkler head goes off when the temperature underneath it reaches a specific temperature, meaning only the ones affected by the fire will go off.

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Does a fire alarm set off the sprinkler system?

Generally, no, a fire alarm will not set off sprinklers, each of which is separately triggered by heat. However, there are certainly two specific kinds of sprinkler systems, known as "deluge" sprinklers and "pre-action systems", in which one or more smoke or heat sensors can, in fact, pressurize the system and flow water though any open sprinkler heads. In a deluge system, the sprinkler heads do not include heat-activated valves. In a pre-action system, water will only flow out of a sprinkler head if its thermal valve has also opened.

Which type of fire sprinkler system is installed wherever the system is subject to freezing?

To avoid problems of freezing water and broken pipes, a "dry sprinkler" system can be installed. The sprinkler heads can be sealed shut with temperature-sensitive valves, as in most wet systems, but the pipes are put under air pressure instead of water pressure, until one of the heads is activated by a fire. Water rushes into the system and sprays out of the open sprinkler head(s) within seconds, if all goes according to plan.