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the only thing that can replace air bags on a Lincoln is a conversion kit, this takes it from air struts to regular spring struts. go online to Suncore Industries to but the conversion kit, it gonna cost you though plus shipping. you can mail me at m3idnight, until then, chow

there is also another website its they sell the kits as well for a reasonable price.

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Q: What will replace air bags in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?
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Does a 1997 Lincoln Continental have air bags?

On a 1997 Lincoln Continental : If you mean air bags for the driver and front passenger ( YES )

How do you fill up air bags in 1996 Lincoln continental?

you don't the compressor does unless its off in the truck, that's usually where the switch is.

How do you replace rear air bags on 1995 Lincoln mark VIII?

Go to

Can you replace regular shocks with air shocks and leave in the air bags on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

You could do that. The air shocks would have to be manually inflated. You may run into a competition between the manually leveling system and the automatic levilng system.

In a 1997 Lincoln continental why doesn't the compressor come on and why do the bags not stay inflated?

Your air bags have been popped probably during an oil change when the air system switch in the trunk was not turned off before going on the lift.

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How do you replace the air shocks on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

First, you must know that the Lincoln Towncar does not have air shocks. Instead, it has air bags. What this means is that in place of steel springs your Lincoln has rubber cushions that are filled with air, known as air bags. This link will take you to the answer you seek:

Is the control schematic for 92 Lincoln air suspension available online?

Bag the air bags. Replace with a spring conversion kit. No more headaches!

1991 Lincoln Continental suspension compressor runs but air bags do not inflate?

you prob have a hol some ware or your compresser is damaged you prob have a hol some ware or your compresser is damaged

How do you change from air ride to springs on a 97 Lincoln Continental?

Auto parts stores sell a kit with springs and shocks that replaces the rear air bags with springs. Been there, done that.

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Does the Lincoln LS have seat air bags?


Can the 1991 Lincoln Continental be damaged in any way by driving with the rear air bags deflated?

you can drive with the air bags deflated but you will feel every bump in the road and heaven forbid a big bump, it not very smooth ride because its a hard ride, that's what its called.

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How many bags can you check on Continental Airlines?

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Delflating air ride in 1993 Lincoln Continental?

one of the bags is broken or something wrong with the lines just go to shocks! i have a 93 and a replaces the front bags 2 times or each side in two years i just took some shocks off of a some other car

Can the air ride system in a Lincoln Mark VIII be repaired?

You can replace the bags. The down side to that is your suspension is old and the components are old and warn. What happens when you put new bags on the car they are fresh and the compression has to work extra hard to break in the air bags and pump up the stiffer bags. That's when everything goes out. I had a 1997 Town car and my rear bags went out. I bought a kit online. It took me 20 mins to install. Unplug the bags. They come right out then the springs go right in. Cheaper than new bags and still had an amazing ride. Better than the bags in my opinion. Heres a website to get them at.

How do you lower a 1994 Lincoln Town Car with stock air bags?

on my town car there's a switch in the trunk. turn it off then jack up the axle on both sides to bleed the air out

What should you expect to pay to replace the oxygen bags on a 2005 Chev Impala?

Oxygen bags? Are we talking air bags or oxygen sensors?

How do you replace air bags for suspension?

Don't bother,replace with regular coil springs

Where is the line to fill air back into the air suspension bags on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

If you cannot find where to fill the air bags with air, follow the air line from each bag and see if you can find an air line connector,My thought is that it's somewhere near the airbag.

How do you install the shocks and struts on a 1998 Lincoln Continental?

Good luck doing that yourself since Continentals have an electronic air bag suspension, your better off bringing it to a mechanic, if you bust one of those air bags its $400 per bag, my advise take it in. Not all lincoln continentals have air ride.

Where is the air ride suspension compressor for a 1994 Lincoln Town Car located and how do you install it?

The pump is in a compartment below the air filter. I have heard that the pump usually goes out because the air bags or lines are leaking.

Where is the air bags on a 1994 ford ranger?

I don't believe the 1994 Ford Ranger has air bags My 1995 Ford EXPLORER was the 1st model year that had passenger and driver air bags / SRS / Supplemental Restraint System when Ford redesigned it ( generation 2 )