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always a positive

Multiplying and dividing rule:(remember this; it's very useful)

When you multiply or divide two numbers . . .

-- If they both have the same sign, then the answer is positive.

-- If they have different signs, then the answer is negative.

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They do in the winter - months and when "muliplying"

multiplying. adding is permeter. sorry bout my spelling. not the best at it

negative x positive = negative negative x negative = positive negative x negative x negative = negative negative x negative x negative x negative = positive .....

21 over 15 is equal to many things. first off it can be equal to 42 over 10 the way i did that was just by muliplying the numerator and denominator by can do it with any number...hope this helped

Negative. Negative. Negative. Negative.

Negative times a Negative is a Positive. Negative minus a Negative is a Negative.

negative times negative is positive negative divided by a negative is a postive negative times a positive is a negative negative divided by a positive is a negative

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

it is negative. negative/negative = positive. negative/positive = negative

A negative+ a negative= to a negative number.

Positive + Negative = Negative Negative + Negative = Positive Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Positive = Negative

No, a negative plus a negative is a negative

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

A negative plus a negative will always equal another negative.

It's negative .Positive*Negative = NegativeNegative*Negative = Positive

negative*negative=positive negative/positive=negative negative\negative=positve negative-positive=change the sign to a plus and then change the number after the sign and get your answer negative +positive=which ever numbr is bigger minus positive+positive=positive

A negative plus a negative still gives a negative answer.

-16. A negative+a negative=negative.

The answer to a problem that has a negative number added to a negative number would be negative.It would be a negative

Negatives and Positives Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Negative = Positive Negative + Positive = Negative Positive + Negative = Negative

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Volts time amperes is watts. Volts is joules per coulomb. Amperes is coulombs per second. When you multiply the two, you get joules per second, which is also known as watts.

yes because a negative X a negative is a positive, thus a positive/a negative=a negative

Yes. Negative/negative = positive Postive/Positive = positive Negative/Positive - negative

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