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Absolutely nothing in Torrington, Ct. They catch you and bring you to the station make sure your ok and release you to your parents. * It depends upon the state and if the minor has a history of leaving home against parental wishes. If the minor has a record of being a runaway or absentee minor, the court consider the minor to be "incorregible" and have them remanded into juvenile custody in a group home or other court supervised facility. In any case an investigation will be done by the state's department of family and children's services to determine the reason for the action and if warranted, request the juvenile court to take the appropriate action.

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Q: What will the police do if your parents report you as a runaway?
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Runaway or absentee minor report?

A runaway or absentee minor report is what a person files if a minor in their custody has run away or is missing. There are various reasons parents do not file a report a runaway that include not wanting to involve police involvement, they know where the minor is, or they do not think police involvement is needed.

What can a parent do if a underage teen moves out without permission?

Report them to the police as a runaway. Until they reach the age of 18, they are the responsibility of the parents.

Is a seventeen year old a runaway or missing?

The parents can report him as missing or as a runaway and then it depends on what the police finds. If they find no suspicion of him to be a runaway he will be called as missing and the other way around. Until he is 18 he is not allowed to move out without parental permission.

What if you don't report a runaway in Michigan?

Parents get charged for neglect

What would happen if i ran away to my boyfriends house in Florida at 17?

If your parents report you as a runaway his family will get into legal trouble since they are then harboring a runaway. The police would bring you back home or into foster care.

Can the police help your parents if you move out?

Yes, the police will assist you parents in finding you. You will be listed as a runaway. If they find you they will return you home.

What happens if a 16 year old runs away from the state?

Your parents will report you as a runaway and the police will look for you and bring you home or to foster care. If someone has helped you to run away or along the way, they can be charged with aiding a runaway.

When can you report a 16 year old as a runaway?

as soon as the act occurs you can call the police to report the missing individual

At what age do the police stop considering a child a runaway in Oklahoma?

The age of majority is 18. Until then, the person responsible for them can report them as a runaway.

If a 17 year old child can legally move out from his parents home what should the parents do to be exempt from legal responsibilities of that child?

Report the child as a runaway. That gets a record with the police that the child is outside of your control.

What can parents do in the state of Mississippi if their 16 year old child moves out?

A minor can not move out without your permission or by being emancipated by the court so you can report him as a runaway and have the police assist you to get him back. Anyone helping a runaway will be committing a crime.

What can a parent do if a child moves out at age seventeen in Michigan?

Call the police and report them as a runaway.

In Missouri can the police force a 15 year old runaway return home if the minor has a safe place to live?

The parents can request the police to return the runaway to their home.

How old do you have to be to leave your parents in South Carolina without the police getting involved?

If you leave home before the age of 18 without parental consent or being emancipated, then your parents can report you as a runaway. South Carolina

How can your mom legally stop you from moving out?

If you are of legal age she can not but if you are a minor she can report you as a runaway and the police will come after you. Anyone who you stay with then will be harboring a runaway which is illegal.

If you are sixteen and run away will the police look for you?

Yes, if your parents post you as a runaway.

If you male is 17 almost 18 in 3 month if his parents kicked him out and he lived in a good home for 3 months and his parents try to force him to come back does he have to?

If the parents report him as a runaway, the police can return him to his home. Or put him in a detention center.

What is the law for runaways in MN?

In the state of Minnesota, a child is considered to be a runaway if they are under age 18 and do not have their parents or guardians permission to leave the home. The parents can call the police and the police may issue the runaway a citation to appear in court.

If I am a 18 year old living in Omaha Nebraska and i move out with my fiance and my parents report me as a runaway will the Police force me to go back Or what will happen?

since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents. since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents.

Can a 15-year-old move in with their grandparents without parental consent?

It's not illegal, but you're parents could report you as a runaway and you would be brought home by the police.

Can a mom file runaway charges on her son if he goes with his dad?

{| |- | She can file a report of the child as a runaway with the police. She could also file a report against the father. Either one is going to get the authorities involved. |}

Is it illegal to runaway when your 16 in Oregon?

No, in Oregon they don't prosecute run aways and the police don't really do anything. Your parents can file a report, but they will only make you go back home if you violate a law and end up in police custody

How old do kids have to be to move to the other parents house?

17 in certain states, or most to my knowledge. Technically they can bring you back, but they cannot report you as a runaway so the police have no right to bring you home.

Can you move out at 16 in Oklahoma?

No. Your parents can report you as runaway, and you will be picked up by the authorities and returned home.

How do you get a seventeen year old home who left without permission?

Report them as a runaway and ask the police to return him home.