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Can you download music onto an iPod Nano anywhere with Windows 98?

Since iTunes doesn't recognize the ancient operating system, you could try plugging the iPod in, and then finding it as a USB device. (In the control panel, or where-ever you can locate any USB devices plugged into the system) Then, you can instead, legally purchase music off an online store (Like a ( Full Answer )

What is the solution to the problem of downloading a windows security update and then all of your word documents requireing a virus scan when opening?

That's up-dates for ya!!! Honestly, it is only suggesting you do a virus scan. You don't need to unless you suppect a problem with the file. In my opinion, up-dates can cause more harm to your existing PC programs due to their up-dateness, meaning the up-dates may well be to advance for that particu ( Full Answer )

How do you download songs onto Windows Media Player?

You have to find a legal website that allows you to copy and paste songs. When you right click the song make sure it is a music document, not a htm. After you copy it, paste it as a windows media player document. Then when you click on it, it should open as a windows media player. It will only play ( Full Answer )

What do you open Ubuntu with once it is downloaded onto your windows xp computer?

When you download Ubuntu, you receive it as an ISO. Therefore, it must be burned using an application like Nero, or if you don't want to buy Nero, you can use Infrarecorder, which is free. Once you burn it off, you have two choices: either to install under windows, or install separately. If you are ( Full Answer )

How do you download songs onto a blank CD that you have downloaded on from windows media player?

This guide was written for the latest version of Windows Media Player, version 11. Instructions given in this guide may or may not vary between different versions. This should be taken into account when using this guide. 1. Open windows media player and Click the Burn tab. 2. While in the burn ( Full Answer )

How do you get the fonts onto Windows Movie Maker after you have downloaded them?

Fonts that you have downloaded must be installed on your computer before they are accessible in the Windows Movie Maker programs. Here's how to install downloaded fonts: . Open Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Fonts . Click File, and then click Install New Font. . (If you don't ( Full Answer )

How do I download YouTube video clips onto Windows Movie Maker?

Once you have downloaded the video to your computer you will need to convert it to one of the following formats before it can be imported/edited in Windows Movie Maker: asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv YouTube video is usually in .mp4 format, which is not ( Full Answer )

What are windows updates?

Windows updates is when your computer automaticly updates without you doing it. These updates are free and are from Microsoft.com directly.

What is Windows Update?

Windows Update is a service offered by Microsoft (for free) to it's customers who purchase Windows Operating System's. It downloads official updates to keep your computer up to date and safe for use.

Where is the Update button on iTunes?

Sync your iDevice with iTunes. When your iDevice shows up on theleft, click it. A screen should appear on the right, displayingyour iDevice's information. There will be a button saying "Checkfor Update". Click on that, and it will tell you if your softwareis up-to-date.* *Must have a working Intern ( Full Answer )

How do you get an update that includes windows movie maker or where is a safe website to download from?

Updates for Windows Movie Maker are included in Automatic Updates (if you have the feature enabled on your machine). Otherwise, they can be downloaded from the URLs below: Windows XP (v2.1) http://www.nomboo.co.cc/2009/10/movie-maker-create-edit-and-share-your.html Windows Vista (v2.6) http://www ( Full Answer )

How can you download songs onto Windows Media Player?

u can download songs from the songs.pk, hungama.com etc and also a player like vlc,flv,gom player etc if u don't want to download any player so u can do right click on the particular song then open with with windows mediaplayer. try it.

How do you download custom content onto the Sims 2 using windows 7?

Alright, i have added a related link that will bring you to something called WinRAR. you need to download WinRAR in order to extract the files and use them in your game. don't worry, the program is free and completely safe. when that is downloaded, go into My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 t ( Full Answer )

How do you download videos onto Windows XP?

u may download them by tool,of course u also download directly by hitting "download" not to use tool,esp:download viedo games at http://www.pc-free-games.com/The-Mirror-Mysteries.aspx

How do you download music from the Internet onto Windows Movie Maker?

Music you have downloaded from the Internet can be added to Windows Movie Maker as long as its file name extension (format) is compatible with the program. Audio formats compatible with Windows Movie Maker are: .aif, .aifc, .aiff .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, .wma Check the forma ( Full Answer )

Can you download windows games onto ubuntu?

So here are your options: . Use WINE to run some programs from Windows. (May not always work) . Buy and use CrossOver Games to run Windows games on Ubuntu Linux Other than that, Ubuntu has some awesome games.

Can't install a update onto my ps3?

I found that I could not install an update until after I removed a Game disk. No message was given the install just would not work and it did as soon as the disk was removed

Why is there no update and restore button on iTunes?

There is. Plug your iPod into your computer and then wait for it to come onto your iTunes. Click on your iPod and then under all the details it should have an update and a restore button. I think this only happens if you have a 4.1 version of iTunes though.

Is a service in Windows 7 that automatically downloads and installs service packs and security updates?

"Automatic Update" does. I would imagine that it will ask you before it installs a service pack since it's a major change and you will probably want to be informed before it does, and also have the chance to back up your data first. Auto Updates can be set from fully automatic, or to check if upda ( Full Answer )

How do you update minecraft 1.5 onto vanilla?

Vanilla Minecraft is just Minecraft without any mods or plug-ins. When Minecraft updates it will uninstall any mods and plug-ins that were installed and become vanilla once more. To set Minecraft back to vanilla even if no updates have been released, simply click Options before logging in to Minec ( Full Answer )

Where can one download updates for Windows XP?

Windows XP can be downloaded with a touch of a button. It is easiest to go directly to Microsoft itself. From there, there is a link to lead to the Windows XP.

Where can a person go to download updates to Windows?

A person could go to many websites to download updates to the windows microsoft operating platform, However a person should only choose to download update to windows through the microsoft website.

When installing updates windows 8 fails i turned of windows 8 updates but it still keeps trying to install the one it had previously downloaded how do i delete this?

It is best to let the Windows 8 install completely before trying to delete it. This occurs when the initial download is paused or stopped. Once you complete the first download, you can remove the operating system and begin an entirely new download to prevent Windows 8 from failing again in the futur ( Full Answer )

Where can one download windows updates?

The best place to find Microsoft Windows updates would be on the actual windows site. Updates are important to keep up with in order to ensure one has the most up to date features for their computer.

Where can one download updates for Windows Explorer?

One can download updates for Windows Explorer automatically in the Windows updates that will take effect when one reboots their PC. They can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website manually.

Where can someone download Windows Defender updates?

Windows Defender is programmed to automatically download and update the software for this program. If, for some reason, this is not happening or you have disabled the feature, Windows Defender updates can be downloaded from the Microsoft website in the Malware Protection Center.

What is the best Realtek Driver to download onto my Windows 8 PC?

Typically the latest drivers are the best Realtek Drivers available. The driver in question would depend mostly on your hardware. Such as your soundcard and speakers. The latest version is currently R2.71 which is available since May.