What will your hamster behave like if it is expecting pups?

Well to start with, when my female dwarf was expecting and we didn't realize i noticed she was doing things she wouldn't normally do, like get fatter, running around in circles, either she or the male will do this for a few days before birth, hamsters are only pregnant for 18-21 days, if they are in with a male, the female will happily co-exsist and share a nest with the male, if u notice that the male is sleeping away from the female usually in a separate part of the cage, that means she is due to give birth and making the nest ready.

May i also make the point that before the mother gives birth, clean her out and replace the cotton wool bedding with tissue paper, mum will know what to do, she will shred it for bedding because baby hamsters can suffacate in cotton wool or get their limbs caught and bacause they are so delicate the cotton wool will rip them off, also one of my babies had a mouth full of cotton wool and i had to intervene and get the wool out of its mouth, this is never a good idea because mummy hamster is liable to kill the babies if u interfere, espacially if she's a first time mum, she'll be very over-protective.

Hope this helps